Rivals events?

What are rivals events? I have a festival playlist challenge to post a clean lap on a rivals event and I’ve tried just doing the rival section and “hot lapping” to get on the leaderboards with a clean lap but I’m not getting the challenge. I’ve gotten two now, I know because I’ve unlock the accolades for getting top 5% on leaderboards in specific car classes, which can’t be done without a clean lap, so I don’t know if I’m missing something. Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

I think you just click the item in the festival playlist and it’ll show you which event you need to do.

It’s one of the daily challenges so it’s not one you can click on or select to view. Just says what to do to complete.

It’s broken, just like yesterdays. You have to beat a rival with a dirty time.

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I had to do about 20 laps before I got it.

Eventually I got it by setting a combination of clean and dirty laps. Some or all of which I was slower than my opponent.

All the times I tried with an opponent that takes 40 minutes I didn’t get it, so I think loosing a lap is important to it registering.

I definitely lost everything I was going against, am I supposed to win? I was just doing a very competitive time cause I was simultaneously going for the accolades for leaderboard times in the top 5%. Do you think it was cause I didn’t beat the rival?

Another broken thing. Go to “Rivals”, under the “online” tab, then choose “Horizon Rivals”. From there just select whichever type of race you want, and then select both a track, and a vehicle level. The first rival will always have a dirty lap time of 33 minutes or something dumb, and all you have to do is set a better dirty lap time than that. Hopefully Playground Games let the person writing the challenge descriptions actually communicate with the person crafting the challenges, so that they actually match up. This is the second “Opposite Day” challenge this week. That’s some pretty poor form.


That still didn’t work for me, have you heard of any other ways?

I was wondering why this wasn’t unlocking yesterday. I posted clean laps against rivals and it never unlocked. More broken things. They should extend the season here.

You should still be able to do yesterday’s event today or tomorrow (Tue or Wed) and have it count. That is, if it that is functioning correctly.

Still can not get this to complete. What is the solution?

Unfortunately nothing has worked for me yet man, wish I could help.

Hmmmm. I couldn’t do it either. All I see is the monthly rivals and the showcases tracks.