Wash For 20 Seconds Challenge

Is this bugged? Just says to post a clean lap on any rivals race. I’ve done it through the node, the playlist itself, and a couple of different tracks. Just won’t check off as completed.

Please see page 9 and 10 of this thread. It may require a dirty lap that beats your rival.


Ill try it, but would that matter if my clean lap was already faster?

Edit* it worked.

This is past ridiculous. This tip worked - you MUST post a DIRTY time to win this challenge. This is pathetc.

Yep. Unbeknownst to us, November 15, 2021 is opposite day.

Matches quite a few of their sliders in Setup and Control Settings which work opposite to that of the Description.

well thats a new type of bug LOL. thanks for help, now still waiting on crowd pleaser to be fixed.

You just have to come second in the Showcase. Doesn’t really matter which one you choose, either. I did the motorbike one, and just let the dude cross the line first.

If crowd pleaser is the showcase event, just make sure you loose it and you will be rewarded.