I want to drag race against other random players over and over, how do I do it? (FH5)

It all seems very complex, rivals (which I have no idea how to use, convoys (which never seem to actually come to fruition because I am always waiting for a person to start a race and horizon open doesn’t seem to have drag racing in mind.

All I wanna do is matchmake other players in my class and race them, is there a way to do it?

PS. Can someone explain how rivals works? I want to have an ongoing thing with other players, beat their time, they see it and beat mine, and it goes on and on but I don’t know if that’s how it works and if it is how do I get started? In my “My rivals” section there is nothing and I have no way to get any rivalries going.

In my rivals it shows your friends (and club but not 100% sure)
If they have done a clean lap/time better than yours it shows up there with track, time, class u can click it and u can do a better time.
Same thing otherway around your friends can see it if u beat their time

Or rivals vs leaderboards but it doesnt show up in my rivals

That was helpful, perhaps the reason I am not seeing any rivals is because out of all the races I completed against random rivals none of them have posted a faster time. Thank you.