Question on Rival stuff

I am not new to Forza but I do not play many Motorsport games. I picked up FM6 recently and was curious about the Rival stuff coming up in the rear view mirror when racing. It will state who is my next rival then it says Grats you beat them then it will show a new rival. This is happening every race many times. Is there some time on the tracks that I am beating them at or just some trivial thing coming up to make it feel more competitive?

If you go into the rivals section you will find leaderboards of all the different tracks and classes

So when doing the normal Campaign mode, I am effectively beating those times from the Rivals Specific modes because I happened to be on those tracks at the time?

Something like that.

However, there’s one slight problem. If you were to race the same track in the same car and class over and over again, you might get the same notification that you beat the same player’s time over and over again. This is because you technically beat the time, but when it actually gets posted to the leaderboard it ends up placed lower because your lap is “dirty”. You may not see it as dirty while playing but it still gets counted as dirty if you had any mods in effect. On the leaderboards, dirty lap times are placed below even the slowest clean laps. A clean lap that’s three hours long will still be ranked above any dirty lap.

Things that dirty a lap include rewinding, running off the track (normally, although there’s places where the game doesn’t care), drafting, being drafted, and collisions. Doing these things will result in an icon with an exclamation mark beside your lap time, indicating that the lap is dirty. Running off the track or drafting in the final sector automatically dirties the next lap, too. However, during career mode, you may have a lap that is displayed as clean because you didn’t do any of these things to dirty the lap, but having mods equipped still ultimately dirties the lap. Consequently, you get told that you beat a RIval time but end up not being ranked higher on the actual leaderboard.

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Yeh pretty much
Usually it will be people from your friends list

And then will be the next fastest player should you beat all of your friends.

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Thanks for those answers, makes sense now. I was curious what the hazard symbol meant.

Hazard symbol means it’s a dirty lap.

I know, that is why I had stated I was curious when someone told me what it was up above…

Ahh, okay. Sorry about that, I only skimmed the replies.