Notification says I've beaten friends lap time even though I'm slower

Twice now I’ve seen the message congratulations you’ve beat friends lap time but when I’ve checked what our actual times were I’m not faster at all and they were both dirty laps. What amam i missing here.

I believe it was stated although not sure of the validity that if someone used mods they would be classed even below a dirty lap.

That’s odd. I would have thought dirty is dirty. Not a dirty plus tier system.

The two times Its happened it was on show case events pre selected cars no mods, actually thought i had a clean lap but the leader boards shows it as dirty.

are you both playing at the same time? maybe you are racing against an old best time and he is setting a new personal best before you check the boards?

if you just want to beat him on the boards and he is running dirty run a clean lap. a clean lap that takes an hour beats a dirty lap that takes a minuet.

This has happened to me also,clean lap says I have beaten friend but when checking a second or so off his time. This has happened twice in the race says beat 2 friends but 1 or so seconds off.

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This has happened many time with me in career… I think there must be a glitch as when you actually beat a rival’s time, a new rival’s name appears on top of screen. However, when another name does not apear, it’s become obvious to me that I never beat their time.

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Ive had this happen too
Comes up that you have beaten so and so
And then it says your new rival is the same so and so. .lol

Yeah, I’ve noticed this a lot. It seems that when you beat your current rival, it flashes up a message to that effect, but that then changes immediately into saying you have beaten someone else. That second name is then displayed as your next rival.