Rivals times and ghost not updating

I’m running the Lambo Laguna Seca event in rivals and my score isn’t updating in the leaderboard. The ghost I’m racing against isn’t changing either, despite me beating it repeatedly.

Anybody have suggestions?

Are you doing clean laps?


Could it possibly be that is the closed rivals event

@uber understeer: It’s the rivals event, so I’m only racing against the ghost. As far as I can tell the laps are clean. Not sure where to look for the indicator though, or if dirty laps are even a thing in the spec challenges. There’s no competition, it’s just your car around the track as fast as possible racing against a ghost. My times and ghost were updating, now they just stopped, and I’m not getting ghost updates for other events either.

@talby71: I don’t believe so, this is one of the spec challenges.

You do have to beat the next rivals time. If their time was a dirty lap, you can beat them with a dirty lap. If their time was a clean lap, you will need to beat them with a clean lap. A lap can be dirty for several reasons, but in rivals it is usually form getting more than 2 wheels off the track, bumping a wall or otherwise going outside the boundaries of the track.
There is definitely competition in rivals. It’s not just getting around the track as fast as possible, it’s getting around the track fast and clean, faster and cleaner than your rival.


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You can see a triangle mark next to your time if your lap is dirty. if it’s dirty and your ghost has a clean lap your lap time won’t count even if its faster…

I had something similar and when I was looking at the Leaderboard I sorted to “near me” and noticed there were many,many players posted with the exact same times right down to the hundreths of a second. There was like 20 of them with the exact same time. I was crossing the finish slightly ahead of the ghost but the actual amount of time was negligible. Basically I’m tied with 20 other racers.
I figured it was trying to discern times for 100,000 entries, many of them seemingly the same and was based on some criteria that I haven’t snapped to yet.

I’m wondering if maybe it analyzes both laps and bases the award on some criteria like actual feet driven and maybe going super wide while the Rival kept it tucked in has an effect. It shouldn’t base it on that as the way it works we are both racing from the same two lines and visually I got to the second one first but apparently its in the thousandths of seconds and the timers aren’t showing it.

My goal is to just keep moving forward faster and cleaner and beat them by full seconds instead of decimal points. As it is there are roughly 1000 people or more in between me and first place on most of the tracks I am interested in and I have to figure out how to come up with 10-15 or more complete seconds to snag that brass ring.