Recent improvements to the Photo Mode

Thank you.

Any time that there are improvements made to the favorite part of my favorite series, I am always thankful.

The recent addition of the Tracking/Panning slider is awesome, though I haven’t had much luck with it showing up in my photos, I am assuming it is for long range shots, with multiple vehicles.

I was thinking about putting up a thread in the Forzatography section, for “IS IT REAL OR IS IT FORZA” but the watermark feels a bit too intrusive for it to work this time.

I have definitely seen some great shots, that look to be complete disasters simply because the water mark is so gigantic. If it were at least opaque to maybe a 15% or in a linear format on the edge, or both, People would still see that it is Forza, and it would make the photos stand out for their own reasons, not drawing the eye to the “watermark”.

I get it that you want the world to know that FORZA MOTORSPORT, or FORZA HORIZON, made these photos… it’s 100% a legit mentality.

With the 4K images, that these games are taking on the Xbox One X, these photos could be the TOP wallpapers on the internet… and everyone would know that Forza Made them.

I would love to be able to talk with someone at turn10 about the photomode improvements that COULD be made, but to prevent this from becoming a wishlist, I just want to say…


p.s. Contact me to discuss the photomode :wink:

Thank you for your feedback. You can contact the developers by email at