Realistic gear shifting to match IRL feel

If you watch any video online of a race car shifting with a sequential transmission or a DCT transmission, and then you go play any Forza game, you’ll notice that cars shift much slower and jerkier than they do in real life.

For example, the R35 Nissan GT-R has a DCT, and it shifts insanely quick, smooth, and crisp. As crisp as refrigerated Pringle’s. Seamless. However, in FM7, the R35 shifts like an old Lamborghini’s E-gear automated manual transmission. FH5 is a bit better at it, but it’s still not quick enough.

This applies to all DCT transmissions, along with sequential transmission found in most modern race cars. However, while still very quick, a sequential should shift a bit rougher due to its ignition-cut method of changing gears, with an audible “pop”.

Totally agree with this, gearboxes are way off in FM7 vs real life, and the excitement of a quick and clunky shift is missing from many cars that should have it.

A race transmission swap to any car should also better reflect the way the upgraded transmission works, and maybe needs to be configurable transmission type when purchasing, or at any time in the tuning menu. The impact would be something like ‘race h-pattern’ requires clutch, or if clutch difficulty isn’t used it shifts just a bit slower than sequential but smoothly, while a ‘race sequential’ would be instant but rough with some low gear traction-loss risk and clutching optional (even when on in difficulty settings) in order to smooth out the shifts or to get moving.

Would also be great to hear that shift ‘clunk(s)’ as soon as its input for FFB wheel users, rather than later when the game decides the gear is engaged (as is the case in FM7), as alignment of physical IRL actions to game sounds makes immersion much better. For wheel users; H pattern should match ‘clunk-out’ and ‘clunk-in’ separately as the shifter is moved through the gates IRL, and (race/mechanical) sequential one crunchy clunk at the moment the shifter is pulled/pushed or as the paddles are clicked.

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Ya generally I agree. I think the “race” transmission upgrade should be more specific. A race automatic? A race dog box H-pattern manual? A race sequential? Pretty much all sequentials are race transmissions, so you could save that for the final upgrade.

I think the clutch option when using controllers is useless and should generally be reserved for a proper wheel setup where u have a third pedal due to how it’s abused on controllers. It just needs to be nerfed, tired of DCT/sequentials being out shifted by someone using the clutch button on controllers


Agree re transmission types, not re nerfing clutch for controllers.

Clutch on controller is a staple for Forza since the beginning, and I can exploit the exact same way on my wheel anyway by mapping a button to clutch instead, or making my clutch go 0-100% signal with only 5% actual travel.

Ya it’s up for debate, I just tired of manual w/ clutch being better than a DCT/sequential. Just needs to be re-worked in some way.

I wish automatic transmission would not change gears until it hits the rev limiter. Changing gears just before the redline makes them so much slower.

Vehicles that have single clutch transmissions or dual clutch transmissions should feel and drive different. It was close to the mark in FM 7 but seems to be missing in FM 23’. Cars like the Lamborghini Aventador should not be shifting like the Lamborghini Huracan for example. The way different transmissions function in this game need to be overhauled and hopefully we don’t have to wait until FM 29’ for you guys to get this right. “Motorsport” can not be a part of this games title without this critical attention to detail. Been a fan since the first Forza Motorsport, don’t let us down guys.

I second this. It bothers me that when I shift a GT3 RS it sounds like I’m shifting a Buick.

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