it’s very cool that Horizon 2 provides weather. But with all respect, the rain on the front window looks very silly and cartoonish. Even an old Xbox360 game like PGR4 has better raindrop visuals on the front window. Maybe the pattern isn’t as realistic as in Horizon 2, but the water drops itself looks much better, because of better refraction and better transparency. I really hope the devs are tuning the rain shaders. XBox One should have enough power to provide better shaders than what’s shown in Horizon 2 demo.

Shaders have no relation with processing power.

What? Sure, shaders does affect performance. If your shader is too complex it can hit gpu performance very hard.

I’ve found this stunning PGR4 movie:

Sure, the car models and lighting is very outdated, but environments are looking still stunning and also rain effects are good.

Best rain i’ve seen is GT5 on PS3:

But apparently rain shaders did hit performance very hard,, because they've downgraded rain effects in GT6.

Since your talking about performance, you need to keep in mind you are comparing Horizon 2’s weather effects with that of a game (PGR) which did not use day/night transitions and loaded weather into individual circuits, whereas Horizon is an open world experience with said transitions, among other features that PGR lacked. Of course resources have to be allocated accordingly so the game can maintain its 1080p, 30 fps benchmark. If that means the rain effects aren’t as pretty as you think they should be, perhaps there is good reason for that.

Obviously if you keep splitting hairs, the game will never reach the overwhelming expectations that everyone holds for it. That is the consequence of choosing form over function. I say, lets see how it all looks when we get our copies and, at which point, I’m guessing there will be many opportunities (threads) to complain about what isn’t liked in the game … as with everything else. Otherwise, if you insist on doing so before the game is even released and you think it affects your experience that much, just hold off on your purchase. Simple consumerism.

I gotta agree on PGR4 having better looking rain effects. The rain in Horizon 2 appears very static. Like the car is parked under a light drizzle. The rain doesn’t run along the car, and streak across the windows at speed.

I’m guessing the rain effects we see in the demo are all we’ll be getting. But, it lays the groundwork for improvements in FH3, am I right?

I agree. They have to start somewhere. Fans of the franchise have pled for weather in Forza titles for so long and, now that it is arrived, I would suggest patience in allowing the developers to find ways to enhance these effects without becoming detrimental to frame rates. This will be something to transpire over time. For now, I am quite content with how the effects look.


the rain is ok, I’m not one of those people who Want 1080p def. because they will have the effects of rain in the game (I think you should think about why there is no rain in forza horizon 2 for the xbox 360)

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The history of Forza is a history of a downtrodden people, oppressed for a decade and force to toil hour after hour, day after day, week after week, month after month in simulated sunlight and ideal racing conditions. No more! After all these unhappy years the people have spoken, they’ve stamped their feet up and down, they’ve threatened to hold their collective breath until blue in the face or take all their DLC purchases and go home unless this injustice has been righted. The fight has been long and hard and a great many have fallen along the way, never having even seen a hint that their hopes and dreams might one day come to fruition, that the promised land was just over the next hill.

Alas, the hour of victory is at hand comrades!

After a terrific wailing and gnashing of teeth, weather effects have finally made it into Forza!

But the simulated raindrops on the simulated windscreen of our simulated cars isn’t simulated well enough.


I wish there was a way I could like this post more than once.

Right on Hieronymus1967! I understand it’s human nature to focus on the bad things, but can people please just take a minute and look at what we will be given with Horizon 2, instead of what we don’t have? Whatever happened to the old saying, “Count your blessings?”

Please, folks, at the very least let’s wait until the game is release before we start bashing it? How can we pass judgement on something that has not been fully released to the public and won’t be for another two months?

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ok I guess The house of the rising sun would be the theme?

If the raindrops really bother you so much then maybe… change out of the driver pov? Using a third-person or grill pov will save you the hassle of having to look at those awful raindrops.

Don’t get me wrong. I think Horizon 2 looks awesome. But I really hoped for good rain effects on the nextgen console.

I am wrong with my first post. It has a certain relation with GPU.

Has anything been said about standing water causing you to hydroplane? All this PGR4 talk is bringing back a lot of good memorys.

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I’m just happy they’re implementing weather into the game now!


After seeing some videos of gamescom footage i think they’ve improved the rain shader on the front window. Now you have much more water drops and the drops looks realistic. The game looks very amazing.


At 4:04 you can see the rain in Action. Not bad.

It is funny how it starts to rain, one second is sunny and bright the other second it is all wet and foggy and raining, and it happens all at the exact same spot in the race. It is funny because they advertised it as “simulated weather”, “atmosphere particle model” etc. It certainly looks good, but I am not sure if it is really reliable to advertise like that.

Like Insayn Xm alludes to above, the weather system in the demo has been accelerated to depict the changing conditions.