Racing in the Rain-Is it really what Turn 10 makes it sound like?

First off, the rain looks stunningly beautiful. Props to Turn 10 for creating an artistic masterpiece with the water. But I have two concerns that I have not seen addressed yet. 1) We all know you can install stock, street, sport, race, drag, or in FH2 offroad tire compounds. Race compound has notably less grooves. Will there be another compound added called wet or rain? Or intermediate? Or if not, will rain tires automatically be installed prior to a rain race? 2) Please, I beg that the AI does not have superhuman abilities for racing in the rain!!! PCars did this so bad, I would be even with AI in dry, but 4 seconds worse in the rain!(I promise its not my lack of ability :). Oh and there better be a button for turning the headlights on and off, I hate having that done automatically.

“Some friction diminishes more than others, but we also put wet tires on your car when you come into that event…”

As to the AI, I can assure you that they fight the same battle that the player does when driving in the wet.

Toggling lights I don’t see being included just because there’s no dynamic day → night, it’s one or the other.

It looks like Dan Greenawalt answered the headlights question on his twitter account. Here was his response when asked about headlights in FM6.

How do you know this for sure?

Because he played the demo at E3.

Even without playing it, there are more videos out there of Brands Hatch in the rain in Forza 6 than any one person could possibly care to watch :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, as previously said I’ve played it but also as previously said, lots and lots of videos up on YouTube now :).

In the recent footage of Nurburgring in the rain the Drivatars were struggling to keep their line to the point it was almost hilarious. Dan G got nearly crashed off the track by them on two occasions in the one lap he showed.

Definitely putting the Professionalism modifier on when I get this game, heh.

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Thanks for the responses guys.

Nice change of pace to see AI in a racing game actually struggling in the rain along with the player for once. Most of the time, like in Project CARS, the AI just cruise along in the rain glued to the racing line, while you’re clawing for grip and trying not to loop it.

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And the reason for that is the level of physics being run and how much cpu processing it requires…

It’s worse in F1 2015. The AI in the game are ridiculously fast in the rain on legend AI, though I do drive all assists off in pro season mode. It’s so hard to keep up, if you don’t qualify first you have to pray for a huge crash or unpredictable weather changes, though to be fair the AI suck in the game anyway. I did a full race at Monaco in legend AI no assists and every AI retired from the race by lap 57… Such a fail of a race. The AI are just wrong, sometimes there just plain dumb and sometimes there unbeatable, it’s nice to see forza’s AI looking human like in the game though, pleased to see that.

If the AI is anything like 5 then make sure you are behind everyone in the first turn and take the inside corner. But, nothing is ever like any game company makes it sound. They always try to hype up the consumers.