Race length granularity

One of the best features in Forza Horizon 3 was the ability to adjust race length in laps. However in this game it seems you’re stuck with three options: standard, long and extra long. But why couldn’t they just re-implement the system from Horizon 3? There’s a pretty big difference between 2 laps and 7 laps. What if I want 3 or 4 or 5? Is there a reason why they decided to restrict the option to adjust race length to three presets?

Honestly we’ll probably never know.

most standard races are too short, and hardly give you time to catch up, pass, and then complete a clean lap (with higher AI difficulty). The long setting is at least a 15min race, and extra long is well, extra too long for one race (35-45min). I would like to see a middle option of about 7-9min race.

I think it has to do with CR and in game economy