Longer Races in Forza GT (Featured Multiplayer)

Majority of the Forza GT Multiplayer races are 4 - 9 laps. I think it can be longer like 12 - 18 laps. To have better races.

I second this - the Forza GT series makes for some good racing and is by far my favourite series on the game right now, but you feel short changed by a 6 lap race on Catalunya School. Why not the full circuit? Why not a race length at least long enough to guarantee 1 pit stop to bring in the possibility of a different Tyre strategy and make things interesting?

The short length also doesn’t allow for any sort of “catch up” if you do get tanked at turn 1. I’m the sort of person who will see a race out even if I do mess up a corner or get rammed off the track but the short race length doesn’t allow for any sort of making-up time and favours rammers. “If I ram the guy who qualified P1 and get a 20 second gap I’ll win.

Lastly, I don’t know why the series cycles 5 circuits each week. Can it not just cycle all tracks all the time? Especially with short races the cycle repeats very quickly - more variety and longevity would make it a more enjoyable experience.


W Reply, I agree.

Completely agree. They seem to have got shorter.

Pit strategy isn’t possible

Why have they removed the longer races for the GT races giving the ability to use a stratagy. Its a big joke

Short and intermediate races don’t satisfy my needs for a good pit-line strategy

It’s always only 1 PIT, kinda boring.

yes man, it’s not enough for those of us who really want to run

would be nice :pray:

Totally agree 100%! I think all the “Spec” series multiplayer races should be the equivalent of 30 minutes in laps. The fact that practice and qualifying sometimes last longer than the races, depending on when you join, is absurd. Having races be around 30 min in length running every 45 min.

This was addressed in Update 9:

We’re also permanently adding 30-minute-long races to the event rotation within both the Forza Touring Car and Forza GT Series. Going forward, the length of these evergreen Spec Series will cycle between ‘Short,’ ‘Medium’ and the new ‘Long’ races.

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