Permanent multiplayer features and tracks/race lengths

When I saw the notes for update 9, I was excited by the prospect of an option for multiplayer endurance series and 30 minute GT races. However, having watched the video it was hinted that the endurance series is likely only to last for one month and the 30 minute GT races will cycle through weekly along with the existing short/medium race lengths. Firstly, honestly what is the point on having the endurance series for 1 month only?! And in said month, the events change weekly, the first week being the PH series, which I have never done because when it has been available, I haven’t been available to play it - and it looks like it will be the same again this time around. Secondly, why oh why can we not have access to all race track and variations. I’m so bored of doing the same 5 tracks all week. And you can guarantee whenever a new track is added to the game, you do short race lengths along with Silverstone/Hockenheim/Indianapolis/Catalunya, despite already doing those a million times. And that brings me onto my last point, why can we not have the choice of what race lengths we do? When you have the same 5 races all week, doing short race lengths gets very repetitive, very quickly. I love Forza and have been patient with this latest game since its release, but I cannot put up with this for much longer, I have started exploring other racing games.