Qualifying for All Singleplayer Events / Races

It would be great if there was either a setting that made qualifying an option, or you could at least opt in to qualify for single player events / career mode. It gets old always starting mid field or back of the field when trying to do the single player challenge races.

Similarly, really wish there was an option to lengthen single player career races more (like 20+ laps). Just something to give you the chance to have heated races, still compete for a win, maybe make pitstops or race strategy something you actually care about and be able to influence where in the pack you start would really add a lot of depth to the game.

I don’t want opt-in qualifying. I want players to opt out. I want race weekends with practice, qualifying, and the race, but you can opt out if you want. You can either choose race by race if you want to skip ahead or set it in the options to automatically skip ahead. If you qualify you earn your starting position, but if you opt out you automatically start the race in last place. This way, people wanting a more authentic motorsport experience can have it, but players wanting a more casual experience can opt to skip right to the races.


I think that will be a great idea. Redout 2 has qualifying as well and you can opt out of it and start last place. There’s even an achievement if you do that as well.

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+1 have qualifiers and opt-out system.
This relates to the need to move away from the ‘chase and overtake the pack’ model of racing in Forza titles, and the move to something more racing-sim oriented. Real racing involves a few overtakes per race at best, not passing an entire field in 3 laps…

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Sorry but this seems silly to me.
If opting out automatically puts you in last place, it is not really a viable option, unless you turn down the AI.
There are players who might find Qualifyings boring, but still want good races against difficult AI.

If there are options, and there should be, it needs to be real options.
If I want to start P3 without Quali I should be allowed to do so.

However, this means doing Qualifyings has to be as worthy as doing Races in terms of progression and rewards.
Tbh., I think once they start giving the player options to shape their events, especially in career mode, progression and rewards will have to switch to more of a time-spent based format anyway. (I´d welcome that)

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I agree with this as well. It’s frustrating on single player challenge races to always start mid-field, and typically the same few cars start P1, so they’ll always score high points. Gets annoying

Agreed, last place won’t work for the majority of players who will probably skip. Qualifying is needed to capture the more sim biased fans, but thinking about it more I can see myself skipping qualifying if I’ve only got 30 mins to play, would be good to have the choice.

The extra effort qualifying should provide some bonus though, maybe the the no-qualify selected position can only be max P4 or something? And in terms of qualifying benefit beyond P1-3 grid position; time-based extra cash (nothing silly, we don’t want cash and cars thrown at us like in FH5!), increased skill/rating points (for that very important ranked/rated system), and other non-progression based bonuses would be good.

I don´t disagree, but I´d still like to throw in a “why?”. :wink:

Assuming Qualifyings are optional, imo the important part is to reward it equally in terms of credits and progression.
I think if they try to appeal to a wide audience, Sim to Arcade, at some point they have to go all-in on a “Gameplay Sandbox”.
To paint it to the extreme … if a player wants to always start in P1 with easy AI on 1 lap races, well, let him do that. Reward his 1,5 minutes equal to the other guy´s 1,5 minutes spent in a qualifying session.

Totally fair question, I guess it’s the feeling that progression lately (ie FM7 and especially FH5) has been so easy, getting more money or XP just doesn’t matter enough, hence I’d want something else as a benefit for qualifying or I probably wouldn’t bother with it. I get that some would qualify just for the realistic racing value, but my gut feel is that would be a small minority of the player base if there’s nothing much to gain.

But, if overall game progression is slower, the series drops the idea that everyone should have a chance at owning every car, and in-game currency really has some solid value, then yeah I’d do it, and enjoy it too. But if it’s only going to add to my already infinite in-game bank account, and maybe even slow down my career progression (due to effectively 2 races per event) then I feel a qualifying feature would be wasted on me at least.

This is all for single player btw, we absolutely need qualifying online, or online will remain a shambles.

Yes, I am refering to single player too, and even more so to the career mode.

I totally get your gut feel about a gain being required to incentivise qualifyings (P4 as best possible choice if you don´t run qualifyings might be that incentive, like you said before).
But you kinda sharped your point towards the end … it´s rather about the fear of slowing down your progression, because that´s what we are used to from other games.
It would be very important for the game to communicate the freedom to “play however you want” while always making roughly the same progress.

The XP (Time, Miles driven) -based progression idea feeds into that.
Same with my suggestion for an endless, procedual career mode. (Endless Career)
Once there is no huge checklist of events you need to work through to “finish” the game, there is no stress about getting those checkmarks or gold medals or whatever.
Which in turn should allow our brains to feel free to run Qualifyings without losing out on anything.

Sorry, just having fun toying with thoughts and ideas.
Imo there´s a lot of systems interacting with the implementation of Qualifyings, at least if Turn10 want to keep their broad audience.

Hey all, this is something that I have wanted in Forza games for a while - it certainly makes racing events more authentic. It would take some working granted - opt in/opt out - full F1 style quali vs single lap shootout but would also be a great added dimension.
Also agree that there needs to be some “reward” for doing a quali rather than just choose your starting position or start just at the back. Not sure if perks will continue but additional perks for quali or car upgrades could be a way forward…

Not sure if i missed it but would be beneficial for online too. Where you qualify could also go towards your overall ranking.

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The opt-out qualifying format would be an amazing solution. If you don’t want to qualify, then give them mid-field positioning just like all the Forza games have done. It has always baffled me why the ‘Motorsport’ version of Forza has never had qualifying, and even Gran Tourismo.

For a game that is supposed to be all about motorsport, and they are touting the physics and handling improvements, I am 100% expecting a way more sim-focused game this time around and qualifying should be a part of that. If I want my arcade-y experience, then I’ll go back to Horizon with its horrible wheel physics and use my controller, which is what I expect from Horizon.

More the opposite, though I do think qualifying should give a benefit, the Forza games lately allow progression way too fast, making most benefits like money almost irrelevant.

I’d love to pick a car with hard earned credits, and have to live with that choice for at least a few races.

Throwing back to GT2 I still remember the excitement of finishing a championship and winning 1 race car, what a feeling, I’d been racing a beater till that point!

Given they want to use their challenge the grid feature, I say why not both? Do a qualifying lap that default places you into whatever position you earned, but if you want to “challenge the grid” you can pick a higher or lower position. I know it sounds clunky but I believe it would solve two issues :+1:

*edit, this is exactly how it works

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Looks like you are now placed (or at least told) where you qualified in the game! You just have the option to challenge the grid and move up or down, or just go based on your qualifying position :+1::+1::+1:

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I dont see why they cant have a pre race menu option to ‘qualify’ and it just runs a qualifying lap that places your grid location. Challenge the grid is nice. But forcing you to do practice while also leaving it open for placing yourself wherever because muh ‘credit bonus’ is just nonsensical. Credits dont matter after a short period. And I doubt 3k is going to be padding your bank much by the series standards for an economy.

Edit: Honestly, Not sure why they dont just call practice qualifying if they’re going to determine your grid placement incentives on it to begin with. Just like the pitting situation. It just seems like they want to have one foot into authenticity and one foot into obfuscating that authenticity with gamy shorthands. Maybe it works better this way. But I would think its going to be the worst of both.


It’s amazing and quite pathetic that this simple, yet crucial feature still isn’t in the single player game.
It’s a racing game, we need qualifying, it’s a major part of racing.
Can we expect to see it added as part of an update?
If not, why not?. It really doesn’t make any sense to me.

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the way it is now you can start on pole every race if you want!!! i like starting 16th cause it seems like i pass for the win in the last few corners. Difficulty on 7 with expert rules are good for me, raise it to 8 and i finish 3rd.

You can’t start on pole in Builder’s Cup…

Highest is 3rd.


i didn’t know that, thanks for correcting me!!