Endless, procedual Career with many Options

Instead of working through the usual list of premade events in Career Mode, I suggest “procedually generated” events.

At any time offer
3 random events for the currently active car.
3 random events for other cars in the garage.
3 random events for cars the player can afford.

Each section can be re-rolled in case the player doesn´t like the offerings.

Use the usual parameters like car-makes, regions, weather, daytime.
The generated event(-lists) would look similar to what we know, e.g. “Ferrari vs Lambo in Europe”.

Have Filters that allow players to exclude certain things like Ovals, Drag Racing, Cars, Regions.
Have Options that allow to set preferences like Race Length, Qualifying yes/no, and so on.

The progression would change from collecting checkmarks on premade events to some sort of XP based Level System that gives Rewards such as new Cars.
I think this would also open up possibilities to remove the usual “finish first”- condition, which can be bad for sim-racing.
Finishing P10 against very hard AI should not be less worthy than finishing 1rst against easy AI.

If is like FM3/FM4 where he carreer had two options, it can be a GOOD idea
It used to give two Options
1- is a more linear where you would pick the championship you wanted to run and run it to the finsh and then go to next just like FM7 was basically
2- Worked like a calendar, it gave you some random events based on cars you had and how far you were in career, providing you various options of championships on a determined day and you would decide what to race based on it, giving a degree of IRL with racing seasons and all that