Custom Championships in career mode and for the community

I want to create AND SAVE a custom champ. ( AND SHARE for the community ) Lets be honest…The career mode is a little short ( so many cars and circuits and just a few championships lol ). Give us a option to CREATE A CHAMP with our favorites circuits and custom options/restrictions ( only japanese, only RWD cars, only 90s, only D class cars aaaaaand so on - There are infinite options to create a specific champ for us to play and share ). The FM8 feels so great to play ( FM4 in second imo ) and its sad we have so little champs in career mode.

BTW sorry for my english, huge brazilian fan here.

This would be an amazing addition, specially if we could have qualifiers too.


Only with that, the game have a 9’8!

-Upgrading need to be quicker.

-Creating and sharing our own championships.

Rest is polish the bugs