Will Forza ever see Qualifying?

Last year I started with Forza Motorsport 6 and Horizon 2 and since then I played any Forza title I could get on XBox One. Not one features qualifying rounds. I can understand that with the Horizon titles, but ain’t the Motorsport titles supposed to be more simulation-like?

Has there ever been a qualifying in former titles or has there been a statement by Turn 10 about qualifying? It would be far more fun to race higher AI on short to mid length races, not starting from the backrow all the time, but from a position you qualified for.


Yes with IA it will be good.In addition it ll be perfect for mutiplayers too.Think you are 10 friends and first you do qualify later you placed with your time.At least it can have an option for this.



Forza already saw Qualifying, back in Forza Motorsport 4.

Right now I don’t see it happening, as the brand is more focused on mass-market than the typical racing enthusiast. There’s a reason the default Single Player race length is 3 laps, or the standard Horizon race takes 3-4 minutes.

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we now have the ability to make it (way) longer (in assists menu)

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i would love this and also we could have a practice session to, so you can get a feel for the track and conditions your on then after the time is up you can vote to qualifying next


test drive

im talking about modes not assists practice sessions and qualifying sessions are sessions before the actual race starts if you watch f1,indy car etc you will know what im going on about.

Don’t think they have their place in forza-like series. This game is about way more quick sessions.

i dont see the issue with it tbh can be added with a simple patch really.

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as a professional developer I see it as a whole “add-on” like stuff. You will need to setup whole new “mini-game”. “Open practice” like F1 do will require other cars to go with player and whole new interfaces… Not a “simple patch” definitely.

It has been requested millions of times in features wishlist since Forza 2. Just they don’t care.

It’s not about Forza is quick-races oriented or nothing similar. Now we can play 15 minutes or 30 minutes races, so that argument is invalid. It could be just an option turned off as default and get the possibility for more “hardcore” or “motorsport” players to turn it on.

I think they are waiting maybe for Forza 9 or 10, to sell it as “brand-new” feature.

Actually I think is a shame that a game with the word Motorsport in his title doesn’t have this simple option.


This !!! … unfortunately
Does anyone know motorsport events without qualification ?

And without qualification the driver with the fastest lap time in the last race should then be at least on the pole in the next race .


This is my one single qualm with the Forza series.

If I don’t want to run a long race, I’m forced to bring the difficulty down a notch or 2, giving up credits, because I’m forced to battle my way up to first place from 12th (and boy do I mean battle, the drivatars in FM7 are a whole new level of mean). If I could just run a single qualifying lap and get up further up in the pack from the start, problem solved.


No more qualifying, no penalties in-race, no driving school.
There’s very little about “motorsport”


I’m guessing I’ll see you over on Gran Turismo Sport next week then?

(No seriously. I’ll be there too, doubling up on that and Forza)

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Definitely. I need some serious racing. Steelbox pre-ordered long ago and thinking about getting ps plus…and Cronusmax drivehub for my Logitech G920.

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This topic always seems a little comical to me.

— “I want Qualifying, because Motorsport!” —

  • That way, I don’t have to run long races because … Motorsport ?

  • That way, I can start on the pole and just run alone in 1st the whole race because … Motorsport ?
    For single-player, if you are interested in Motorsport , you’ll be running long races with plenty of time to make your way to the front (which, in my view, is a whole lot more fun than never seeing another car the whole race).

I can sorta understand in multiplayer, but with the Hoppers it’s not Motorsport … If you are interested in Motorsport , you’ll be playing in private, organized races where the players implement qualifying (as has been done since the first FM version).



True racing sims don’t truck with silly things like practice sessions, qualifying and lap leaderboards. Racing outfits are what it’s all about…


Damn straight… Who care about qualifying or unautomated pit stops and fuel use and stuff like that when you can look like a virtual astronaut … Yehaaaa.