Polls: FM Update 3 content recap

What these time-limited events are? I’ve mostly played multiplayer, did I miss some cars?

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Community priorities shall be responded to 4 times a year:
“…we will commit to publishing quarterly updates like this one to let you know where we stand on items the community is passionate about…”

…There’s always the Suggestions Hub, for all the good it does. :melting_face:

Exactly, many parts of the foundation are broken, so adding more weight on top of it does not help :rofl:

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I’ll echo the people here in the comments: THERE’S NO USE adding things to the game, be it cars, tracks or whatever, if the GAME DOESN’T WORK!

Forza Motorsport 2023 HAS NO SPECTATOR MODE to date! How can a game aimed at competitiveness and in the era of E-Sports not have a Spectator Mode? Forza Motorsport 7 had it and this one doesn’t! It’s a pathetic regression to the previous game!

And as for replays of online races, WHY is it still not possible to save them at this current moment?

Why are races, especially those in career mode, so short? Why can’t I just increase the number of laps like I did in Forza Motorsport 7?

Career Mode is so boring! It seems like it only serves as a showcase for the cars… In fact, Forza Motorsport doesn’t look like a racing game where you’re a driver looking for the highest place on the podium, it looks like a game that works simply to show off the car, like: take here the car keys and walk away aimlessly, without any objective! It may be a silly detail, but so far I haven’t seen 1 trophy in the game!

About Car Points: I think they’re cool in career mode, but who had the idea to also add them for online events? Having hours to get a car to level 50 to just run a few short races in multiplayer is a pain! Fix this by removing the need for car levels from Multiplayer, please!

Furthermore, the game is full of graphical bugs, it’s horrible to play it in 1080p because the game looks blurry. Have you tested this game on AMD RX 5000 series GPUs? Even today at Ultra, the audience in the stands just doesn’t show up for me.
Release an update that fixes these bugs and many others, add basic features such as Spectator Mode, Race Flags such as you cannot overtake with a yellow flag, or a blue flag for latecomers to give way… Details like this make us like a game that aims to simulate a Grand Prix weekend. Content updates can wait a while…


Amen! (rolling in the aisles) :rofl: Either fix that, or let me create a series with series leaderboard in free play… Or better yet! BOTH!

Its kind of everywhere tbh. Every game now feels as though some sort of gimmick or game mechanic is going to be a shortcut to keeping players engaged, when all they have to do is look at worked before.

As an older person, i often think if i look at the past with rose colored glasses. But im not, movies, music and games were all better in the past.


I’m honestly stunned at how stupid a comment this is. There is no good reason for them to remove content from the game. Are we ment to think they have a limited number of these digital (i.e. infinite) cars to give out or something? Even if the game was in a good state, removing content would be a brain-dead move. Doing it in a game that is lambasted for being horrifically low on content is even worse than that.

The only reason FOMO exists is to force repeated player interaction, making you come back over and over when the devs want you to instead of being free to play this content when you want to, through phycological manipulation. It’s disgusting, like preying on the phycology of addicts to peddal drugs.


Hockenheim is a good race track, and having three layouts is pretty nice.

New suits aren’t something I care much about. Overall would really be better if we could pick colors to go over the designs, at least a primary and secondary. Because as it stand, either I like the design but the color don’t match my vibe, or the other way around.

Contemporary Tour should stay in the game. All the featured tours should. It still makes no sense that the career isn’t being permanently expanded. I mean, truly, this is stupid, the career isn’t exactly drowning in content. And that also means reward cars disappear in the ether, which is also incredibly frustrating. More on that later.

Open Tour rewards should be available in some form or another after the cycle. If not in the shop, then it should be possible to replay the open tour to unlock a previous reward car that wasn’t already unlocked. See also this suggestion of mine that I just made.

Car wise, I tried the Battista, the 296 GTB and Valkyrie,

The Battista has the same problem as the Nevera (which makes sense considering it’s the same car under the hood). They’re both impossible to handle with assists off and no upgrades. It got slightly better at the 4th or 5th race, after having unlocked some upgrades. It’s too bad that the 4th or 5th race was the last of the series. Woops. I honestly cannot wait for the moment you’ll ask for feedback on the upgrade system.

The 296 GTB was fine.

The Valkyrie was fine.

I don’t play multiplayer.

I didn’t play the rival events.

I didn’t notice any change (negative or positive) as far as fixes and performance goes.

How did you feel about the value of earning the Pagani Huayra R for completing the Contemporary Tour?
How did you feel about the value of earning the McLaren 650S for completing the Open Class Tour?

None of the answers provided really matched my feelings. I cannot stress enough how the featured and open tours feel soulcrushing.

This is because of one thing: the time limit. I don’t like deadlines in my games, and you aren’t paying me enough to decide what goes into my schedule. And yet here we are.

I paid for the game, therefore I paid for the cars, but I have to work through the featured tour and open tour to get them. And I insist on the choice of word there. Work, not play.

So how do I feel about the value of earning those cars? Crushed, deeply unhappy, and I shouldn’t have to “earn” content when I already paid for it.


The biggest problem I have with this update, which is the same for every update so far, is that the races “added” to career mode don’t stay. It’s abysmally short, I don’t understand why these monthly championships couldn’t just be added to the career to actually flesh it out. Plus the races themselves are always short, what happened to being able to set a generic race length like in FM7?

I wish I could say I was excited for Hockenheim, as I genuinely like the track, but it’s very difficult to be excited for content that was in the previous game being drip-fed to us.

Car selection was pretty good this update in terms of spotlight and car pass cars in my opinion.

And as for new driver suits, I literally couldn’t care less about them, exactly the same as in FM7.


Surely by now they are working on events for the career. They’ve got to be. They’ve seen all our posts asking them for more content

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I sure hope one of those content things they are working on is optional lap count increase :rofl: That or series creation with leaderboard, in free play.

Id be happy with short, medium or long options from FM7. To be honest though why couldn’t they give us 1-100 laps so more of a selection for us.


Adding a series creator with leaderboard in free play, for those situations would be great… I mean, i might be crazy enough to want to take up an entire Sunday afternoon running 200 laps at Daytona, and then another 200 at Indy on the following Sunday :rofl: And if i was that crazy, a series leaderboard would be nice.

I dont think so. I think what theyve been doing was their plan for what the career will be. These questions seemed focused on the “rewards” and if people feel if things are too grindy or not. Theyre not really asking for suggestions or if people want more, just how we feel about what they gave.

While this game certainly feels unfinished, im starting to think it kind of was. They delivered the bare minimum in almost every regard, this cant be by accident it has to be by design.


regarding the amount of content with each update, i have a 40+hour a week job and am a caregiver 30+ hours a week, i can get all the events done and find myself waiting weeks for the next series. we need more content.

to fill the time i am playing through tears of the kingdom i got for christmas, although i might have underestimated how big that game is, gonna take me a while to get that one done lol


The summation of the answers to the vast majority of the questions is :man_shrugging:
And thats the results, not just me.
Not including the poll on the quantity of content in the update, which should be unanimously be a negative perspective. Theres such a mountain of work to be done and it feels that the studio isnt even trying to start chipping away at it.
I was surprised to see peoples overwhelming lack of opinion on the multiplayer series.
By they way its talked about you’d think thats all anyone does in the game at this point anyway. Which makes sense because its really the only thing in the game to do.
I respect the polls existence. I think its a good faith showing and better than most of the other polls weve seen. Not that I have the absolute least shred of faith or hope that any single person in the T10 studio office ever lays eyes on it in any kind of serious light.

The summation of all of the limited series content is that: I dont want to, and have stopped long since November, log into Motorsport just because limited time content is cycling the rounds. I want to log in because I enjoy the game and have fun playing the stuff thats available and engaging to play in it.
This is one of the games that doesnt need the FOMO nonsense to keep a consistent playerbase. I have probably 2K hours on Motorsport 6, half of which is just in hotlapping the Nurburgring with various cars. I came back constantly to FM4 and FM5 because they were games that I genuinely wanted to play. In fact, sitting in this games menu makes me want to go spray RAID into my xbox to evict all the spiders and crank up some FM5 just for the sake of some better AI racing experience, Back when they’d be right behind you on ‘unbeatable’ if you were upfront even an hour into a race. An experience that doesnt exist on this game.



They have the car xp system, which guarantees that you have to drive a car for an hour and a half at least to get some upgrades, which can feel like an otherwise huge waste of time. The thing is, in previous Forzas I would gladly spend an hour and a half (or more) messing with upgrades, doing laps in rivals, and tuning my car.

I don’t need a gauge and upgrade barriers to fall in love with a car; just give me the freedom to upgrade the cars as I wish, and I’ll happily spend time driving around the track for an hour. The Nordschliefe would help massively in that respect as well


You don’t even need a questionnaire to understand what’s missing…

1 - Current and non-recycled cars (something like gt3rs 992, porsche 964, ferrari 499)

2 - Fixing common flaws in the online mode, automatic overtaking inside the box, the matchmaking that I believe is not leveling the players well and mainly the problem of punishments (if you leave the track for 4 seconds, if someone throws you out you receive less than half a second, or you will receive punishment).

3 - Create an area to display public rooms that players create, to keep the online game interesting, this is crucial, all big motorsport games have it.

4 - additions of information for the online mode, proximity radar (it was something that should have come at launch) type of tire being used alongside information on how many pits the driver has made.

5 - not least, to urgently bring iconic tracks, it’s incredible that a game like Forza wasn’t available at launch at the Nurburgring Nordschleife.

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