Polls: FM Update 3 content recap

These pills are good and all but didn’t really broach the real issue with the game…”the game” itself.

It’s unstable, the multiplayer experience is awful due to the ranking system basically not working. The penalty system is unfit for purpose and worse than what Forza Motorsport 7 had…

At this point I would be grateful if you would miss one content update and put ALL of your resources into getting the game to where it should have been at launch!

Good luck


@T10ManteoMax, It would be nice if the next (update/updates) adds some new features that effect the gameplay. For example: proximity radar and race flags. Also new modes like: (drift, drag and my favorite and new to forza motorsport: [ rally and rallycross]. And a driving school for those who are new to motorsport would be very helpful!
And please make public lobbies available!



I wanted to select additionnal tracks, but it doesn’t correspond to what i mean. So i select another content.

They’re already are a track suggestion with most hight voted track. Fujimi Kaido is one of those, and it’s a fictionnal track, it’s also on the theme of City tracks/moutain roads.
So it correspond to an additionnal track + another content.

But “additionnal tracks” alone does’nt mean nothing, update 2 added Yas Marina most of the players don’t wanted it, adding tracks doesn’t mean add a track for have 24 tracks instead of 23.
That mean add something useful who is going to give enjoyment, diversity of place to race.

Nordschielf is also missing, for example i would prefer to have this one only, instead of Yas + Hocken + Daytona.

Yeah it’s suppose to come for Spring, but that shouldn’t be the case, because we already have 3 or 4 oval races, for make peoples want to play a racing game, but also keep them playing, you have to be focused first more on the good place where to race, and after that increase your track list with tracks people Care less, but who are still good to go on sometimes.

And it’s even more important with the current state of this game, because driving/racing on it is actually good, but the lack of content/diversity, make peoples go away too, not only all the problems with bugs/ai etc

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shouldn’t there a poll about the community priorities?

for me basic racing game features, bug fixes and QoL are way more important than content.

I need that ****** virtual mirror, a radar and a behaving AI.
changeable driverseat position, comfortable livery editor, UI overhaul etc.etc.

all the content is useless for me without basic game functionality…


Just give us the option to make online public rooms. I have 10 other friends who would jump back in the game if they didn’t have to sit through long practices and qualifying. Plenty of people want to just hop on and run some races sometimes. Do this and you have a community.

One of these developers is going to accidentally screw up and make a game for the gamers and not themselves. And they’re not going to know what to do with themselves when they have to manage a massive community of happy customers. Turn10 is desperately trying to avoid this ‘problem’.


Been saying similar since FM5 came out and they stopped the online public rooms after FM4, it has been one of the must requested features.
I too have a load of racers who would jump back on if they gave us those lobbies back.
It seems that every FM since FM4 seems to take 1 step forward but 4 steps backwards and then we end up with FM23!.
It’s always been about the online racing for me but i haven’t played in nearly 2 weeks now and tbh, unless they do something drastic with the game i wont be back ( apart from to finish any new career garbage ), nor will i buy any future T10 product or FM game and that goes for most of my FM friends too.
These polls from T10 are really just a smoke screen to make us believe they’re listening, they haven’t for the most part listened to the community since FM4, if they had we wouldn’t be in this mess.
They should fold T10 and pass the game on to someone else, someone that actually likes cars and motorsports…


How can you describe your experience with the recent FM2023 update?

Basically No Opinion or I haven’t used this feature

Heartfelt suggestion:

  • Remove the pointless car progression, for good
  • Give us a decent career mode
  • Give us our classic R S A B C D hoppers without limitations
  • Remove the long 20 minutes wait for a short 3-5 laps race and establish a fixed qualifying session that saves the lap time for the entire duration of the event
  • Give us a game as valuable as Forza Motorsport 4

It’s simple:

  • Remove CarPG
  • Fix CPU performance the game is single threaded it has to use multithreading
  • Add hundreads of singleplayer events PERMANENTLY where ppl can win credits and cars
  • Fix stability
  • Add new race tracks like Monza, Bathurst, Brands Hatch, Sebring, Nordschleife, Prague, Miami, Rio de Janeiro, maybe even Monaco or Albert Park or other typical Formula 1 race tracks. Maybe add historical race tracks like the pre 2002 Hockenheimring layout.
  • Add cars from previous Forza games and add new cars
  • Fix Penalty system
  • Fix AI
  • Fix the horrible menus, UI etc. Why we can’t see total time driven, fastest lap and last lap in races? Why the menus are so horrible? I want to choose a car and then tune it, change design or whatever. Not open a menu like upgrade and tuning or designs and then choose the car. It should be the OTHER WAY AROUND
  • Let players turn off that voice that explains things in the beginning of races


Edit: I just figured out i can choose a car and then upgrade/tune it or change the design. I don’t think that was possible day 1. Or i completely missed that option or something. :rofl:
Edit2: I could turn off the lady that speaks in the audio options and turn off her subtitle. No more useless blah blah before races and while racing.


We really need these new carrer mode events to be permanently. It’s hard to keep up with them, if they were permanent, i could have enjoyed carrer mode a lot without the fear of missing rare cars.


This is very tone deaf in my opinion. I’d like to see you stop releasing content and fix the base of the game. The last patch has caused crashing. Even content creators are showing the game crashing on consoles. So my opinion is to stop adding stuff and fix the base game before you continue to add anything.


Ppl that create new race tracks or cars can’t code AI or fix stability. One thing has nothing to do with the other. They can add stuff and fix the game at the same time. But it probably still takes another 3-4 months until the game feels halfway like a full version of a game.

Is it really that hard to port over more than 6 cars from FM7 per month? Is it really that hard to add them all to the Buy Car selection as soon as the update drops? Is it really that hard to give us more than ONE Tour for just 6 weeks? Is it really that hard to not make those new Tours disappear? Is it really that hard to not get rid of content but instead add more and more?


FM1-4, FH1-3, even FM6 or 7 and maybe FH4 by a stretch.

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Yes so did I

If it bothered me as much as you I’d just not play the game. Keep an eye on the updates and when you like the game or if you ever do then come back to it.
Why does fomo bother people so much. You don’t miss what you’ve never had. Plus if you don’t like the game it’s not worth your time is it. I enjoy different events but if I miss one I’m not bothered. Those reward cars will come round to you at some point.


It’s that the FOMO element contains vehicles that can (currently) only be obtained through time-limited events with no indication they will be available again. It’s a way of artificially increasing player counts instead of offering a good gameplay loop.


Not that I’m defending the time events but mainly cos there’s not much content there.

But a lot of games have time limited season like events. Forza horizon, NBA 2k and probably many more.

This isn’t really a new thing in games.

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They don’t take long to do if you skip practice. I just a race or two a night. It needs more fun injecting into them so everyone enjoys playing. Not just grinding for cars. Would be great if all the events had there own career page kept there for good. Events would build up nicely to be played when your in the mood for racing.

I honestly haven’t got the mental patience to go through 30 polls. I want to assist but sorry t10 this is too much.

Generally i don’t think content is the issue. It’s the fundamentals of this game that needs fixing. Level system either adjust or omit, Ai, graphics like reflections etc etc. and the many things mentioned in this forum.


There is too much emphasis on “content” rather than “features”.

They can throw as many cars, tracks, and events at Forza as they want to, but they won’t resolve the underlying issues with the game. Even bug fixes will only go so far. We could have a very stable and functional game, sure, but features will still be lacking.

What I would like to see is

  • More free play/private multiplayer features (Customize grid, “bigger is better” scoring options, the ability to individually choose what AI drivers drive which cars, more control over weather, etc.)
  • Spectator mode (and working replays of course)
  • Livery editor features (Fixes for painting rims, the ability to change the finish of vinyls like in FH5, fixing the finish of decals applied over chrome and carbon, etc.)
  • Community features, such as a storefront, auction house, etc.

And, of course, less FOMO and more changes to caRPG/car xp/etc.