Please add way to check mirrors in cockpit view (without the animated driver and wheel)

In cockpit view without the animated wheel (dash view?} the camera is quite close to the dashboard and mirrors (side view and rear view) are not visible. This is a big pain. Please add a way to check mirrors - here are a couple of ideas:

  • allow higher fov than 55 degrees (playing on PC) in dash view so a fov that includes mirrors can be selected

  • the cockpit view that includes the animated driver and wheel has a wider FOV that usually shows mirrors. Can you add an option to keep this view but remove the animated wheel and driver (that is very distracting if you are playing with a wheel)

  • allow a way for wheel users to use the analog feature to look left and right in the cockpit like game pad users can do using the right stick. This can be as simple as allowing the mouse to be assigned to this left/ right view axis while using a wheel OR allowing head tracking support such as trackir or Facetrack to be assigned to this left and right view axis. This would be the ideal solution.


YESS!!! I have to use the view with the wheel animation, just because I cant stand not being able to see mirrors. I set my wheel keybinds so I can look left/right/back by using the d-pad on my wheel… but headtracking or binds to just check mirrors instead of looking 90 degrees in each direction would be awesome.

I cant believe after all of this time, they havent increased the FOV range for PC at least…

With the lack of mod potential too, I dont see any way this can be fixed unless Forza themselves decide to address this.

I’ve altered a config file for a previous game to adjust the FOV, but idk if thats possible for this game. I also dont know enough about it to do it without some guidance.

Fingers crossed.