In car view adjustments please?

Please let us wheel users adjust the wheel and dash cam view, especially the dash cam. I always felt that the driver POV was way too tall or forward. In some cars the gauges are almost entirely blocked by the dash to the point of being useless. Some cars dont even have any gauges on screen. Check out the 1969 Nissan Fairlady Z dash cam. I dont know how anybody looked at that thought it was acceptable. I’d rather not use the HUD, it would be redundant for dash cam and I try to limit static HUD elements because I game on an OLED. Even if user adjustments are not possible maybe give a few settings? Or just make sure all the gauges are visible in this view for every car?

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If they do put in a bit of camera view adjustment options, hopefully they’re for everyone and not just wheel users. I like the driver view, but it’s often set such that it’s like driving with your right eye closed and a blinder on your left side.

They really need to add multi-vector rendering into the game too. I play on a superultrawide which is fantastic for cockpit views, but you need to be able to increase the field of view without suffering from massive pincushion effect. I’ve got my FoV set to the absolute maximum it will go before you start getting massive image warping, and it’s just not enough.

Meanwhile over in Dirt Rally 2.0, I can play clean screen no UI cockpit view and everything is fine. No image distortion, great FoV.

Cockpit view will never really be an option for those not on a superultrawide monitor until the FoV can be expanded without warping the image, and that requires multi-vector rendering.