Pit Stops should be required to win

If you are going to have pit stops as a feature in Forza Motorsport, it should be impossible for a player to win with a no pit stop strategy in multiplayer. Please adjust race length or tire wear so that the no pit stop strategy cannot win.

I’m not sure I understand your reasoning for requesting this. As strategies go, it’s one of many and it isn’t always the one that wins. To make it multiple laps on hard slicks, you give up seconds per lap, in some cases up to 10 on longer tracks like Spa or Le Mans. Honestly, if you set your fuel correctly, doing a 1 stop strat shouldn’t take any longer than the seconds per lap hard slicks lose across the whole race.

He saying: " Races are won and lost in the pits." And that has always been a part of racing.

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In actual racing, yes. No stop strategies have been used in many “sim” or semi-sim games for many years now. iRacing/ACC/GT7/FM, it’s nothing new to sim racing.

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Agreed, but, i think the point is if you’re going to breach sim category, why would you totally ignore this aspect of “motorsport.” :rofl: I think it is a valid point, new or not.

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Well, T10 pushed the wear rate of the tires up by something like 4X but didn’t change fuel usage, so the game (as it sits right now) allows for this strategy. Maybe they will change it, but I’m leaning towards no since the main rival (GT7) has this exact same setup when it comes to racing multiplayer. Like I said before, it’s not an automatic win if you do it, and most of the time it’s a 1 stopper that wins the race.

I did a handful of races the other day and based on the number of laps, I chose to do no stop runs twice. Didn’t win either race due to my lap times being more than a second off pace due to using hard compound. Sometimes it’s a gamble, it may play out in your favor but it’s rare. If you are multiple seconds off pace using Medium compound or softs, that’s a driver issue not an unfair advantage.

I’m never a fan of the “You need to race how I race…” mentality.

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Which is fine. However, unless you can set up a custom league those looking to have pit strategy involved are just out of luck. We’re talking multiplayer here, the offense is worse in the single player aspect of this game… Just look what they did to “career mode.” You’re stuck with short races… Sure you can set up longer races in “free play.” …But unless you use spreadsheets to create a series, there are no kind of stakes involved. I’m an “old school” gamer, and have done that in the past. It’s 2023 though, we have the technology where that kind of thing should no longer be required after you pay $70-$100 for a “sports” game.

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They have it, no one is forcing others to do no stop races, and again no stop rarely wins.

We have had short races in single player campaigns for multiple iterations of FM, I wouldn’t say no pit stop strategy forced it.

I can see this being a problem IF it were a guaranteed win strategy, but it isn’t. I would even say that GT7 is worse at it than FM at this point.

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Blockquote I’m never a fan of the “You need to race how I race…” mentality."

I agree with this statement. Let me phrase things in a different way for you. If it was as much work for you to race your way, as it is for the OP to race his way, how much would your argument change here?

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It’s not hard for either of us. Once you pick your strategy, it’s just you, the track, and occasionally some other drivers once the field spreads out. I would actually argue it is harder to even stay mid pack on hard compound tires without stopping than running mediums and stopping once.

I mean, if a person wants to stop a bunch within a race, just choose softs and stop every other lap…lol.

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Why would you pit in a short race, unless you were trying to lose? :rofl: You seem to be missing the key element here. There is absolutely no reason to pit, in Forza motorsport, unless you put forth the effort to set up a league with long races. To play your way, all you have to do is start the game and jump into a race.

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My one stoppers were medium number of laps (10-11) on a medium sized circuit and 6 laps on Le Mans no chicanes. Both of these were spec series multiplayer races (TC cars). So you definitely have races within the spec series that are long enough to have stops, especially with the 4x tire wear.

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Right, but not long enough that it would be hurting you too much if you DIDN’T pit. If the races were long enough, that it would be silly for you not to pit at some point, you would pit, wouldn’t you? I mean, you wouldn’t continue to race on rims, when the competition changed tires at some point, because a pit is required to have a realistic chance at being competitive.

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There might be 2 games that do that (iRacing and ACC), which are more hardcore than FM. Longer races would only push the complaint to “they need to prevent 1 stop strategies” instead of the no stop.

There is no disadvantage to choosing to pit vs not pitting. There is a large difference in lap times between Hard and Medium tires. What a person gains in not stopping is evened out by being a few seconds off pace each lap.

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What the OP is asking, is that races where the added element of requiring a pit strategy be implemented. Is it right to ask anyone to be FORCED into a type of race, obviously not. Thing is though as the game currently stands, i can see feeling forced into the short race playstyle, where pit strategy is entirely removed. What would be the harm in access to longer races that require you pit at least once? I don’t see any harm. I’d also add :rofl: that if the situation were reversed i’d support the crowd asking for optional shorter races

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This doesn’t come across like an “option”…

And I’ll state this again, there is no advantage to a no stop. Their post comes across more like a sour driver that got beat based on drivers ability, wants to blame the no stop strategy when in reality he’s just not fast enough. Even if they do force a minimum of 1 stop and stretch the races out longer, this wouldn’t change where he finishes in a race.

I’m not chuffed about it at all, I’ve done both and I don’t think there isn’t enough of a difference to make one choice over the other. There are bigger fish to fry when it comes to balancing cars in the spec series than forcing pit stops.


No, he argued his point as forcefully as you are arguing that we should be locked into races where pits aren’t required, I grant you that… Which is an easy position to take, in games that cater to those who prefer not having to utilize pit strategy. I don’t know if the OP is just frustrated, or truly wants to force everyone to play his style of racing… What i do know, is i can completely understand the frustration if it is indeed that.

Could you please show me where I said (or even inferred) that? I’m not saying anything should be locked at all. I would not be upset if any of it changed, but I think it wouldn’t resolve whatever issue the OP is having.

Look at it this way, if someone had finished behind him, would he have complained? Likely not, he lost to someone who decided to no stop a race, which made him come here to complain.
How close was the race? Not a clue…
Was it actually for first place? Or middle of the pack? Not a clue…
With all of the players out there unable to race much at all, I find requests like this tedious. I would rather see someone complain about how the Audi TT TC car is not balanced with the rest of the TC cars and creates more of a one make series than a spec series.

Forcefully, as in not taking into account the otherside of the argument. Everyone who reads this understand you think pitting is not needed, you have thus argued your point “forcefully.” While at the same time failing to recognize, the legitimacy of the counterpoint, which is based in fact due to the current state of the game.

Um, no. Pitting isn’t needed because the game is setup the way it is. But I will only say this one more time, IT IS NOT AN ADVANTAGE.

Like I said, multiple times, there are bigger fish to fry, like crashing game breaking bugs, but I digress…

I’m done, as this is all just for something that may never change anyways. Good luck racing, and keep the tire side down.

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