Pit Stops should be required to win

A wise person, in this very thread once said the above. Considering the current state of this game I will pose this question again to you: If it was as much work for you to race your way, as it is for the OP to race his way, how much would your argument change here?

Last time, I didn’t make the game, T10/Microsoft did. The rules set in place are the ones THEY chose, not me. I’m only playing by their rules. OP wants to change those rules. I don’t care truly if they are changed, but fail to see the reasoning behind requesting it. If they are upset by the current rules, he did the right thing by posting it here and I wish him luck in his request, but I wouldn’t hold my breath over it happening.

GT7 does the “required pit” thing and it’s no difference to me. The fast will be fast, and the slow will be slow, no matter the rules.

No, you ARE making an argument though :rofl: Which as i previously stated is an easy one to make, when games cater to your no pit strategy required racing style. You’re also failing to take into account, that a it doesn’t take much work to increase lap count, when you throw out the red herring that there are bigger fish to fry to fix this game.

Pit stops are required as fuel and tires require them. If you can out hard racing tires on, complete 10 laps, then a pit stop isn’t required.

If you’re racing at say Leman… or the Nordschleife… 2-5 laps will absolutely require pit stops.

It’s an issue of tire and fuel strategy. Put in as much as fuel as you can replenish in the time it takes to put a new set of tires on. Use tires that last as long as it takes to use an amount of fuel equal to the amount you can fill in the time it takes to change tires in the pits. This is how you maximize your efficiency in the pits… this is how you when races.

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The issue is in this game very rarely is pit strategy a part of things, unless you set up races where it will be. I’ve raced LeMans in Forza Motorsport, the only time pitting is a part of the game is if i set up a free play session in single player. I imagine the same would be the case in private multiplayer. Basically it comes down to this, none of the strategy in your post comes into play in this game. Unless you make it be a part of the game in free play, or private multiplayer.

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Also for consideration, I just found this thread, lack of tire wear is apparently an issue in private multiplayer, i know it’s an issue in single player… So, if this is true, it is really hard to set up sessions where pit strategy is required :rofl: …Just something to think about. Gameplay - Race Tires wear down differently in private multiplayer - 1638983

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In a short race of 7-10 min, pit stops are just immersion breaking.


If you set up a freeplay session in single player, you can add mandatory pit stops for the AI. Multiplayer has increased tire wear to push pit stops for some of the longer races. They could have set multiplayer up with mandatory pit stops, but didn’t.

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There is a LOT they could have done, but didn’t. After spending time setting up long races in free play, i think i have a better understanding why they locked single player into short races. The AI is highly suspect, and longer races highlight that. Turn 9 at Hakone in a long session shows AI stuck on the wall every lap after a while, for example.