PG, please make more reasonable seasonal trials, you really should know better by now

Seasonal trials are always a pain, due to people being idiots and showing up driving cars they can’t possibly handle. While you can’t expect people to be reasonable and not to ruin the game experience, developers still can and should take responsibility and mitigate this. Case in point, current “A Fine Addition” trial, which is unwinnable with randoms, hands down:

  1. It’s basically not class-restricted, which guarantees that at least one idiot will show up in a X-class car
  2. If that wasn’t bad enough, most of the other idiots will pick a S2 class car, that they probably still can’t handle.

The obvious solution would be to block X (and ideally S2) class from Trials. Unbeatable drivatars are enough of a challenge in lower classes, in higher they’re almost impossible, even with a team of friends that can drive. Seriously, after 5 FH games, I really think you should know better, PG.


Its not clear that its matching PI per racer. Its a genuine mistake on the devs part to design it this way.

I like the idea of a wider car selection for seasonals, being able to take a car/class that you like or fits your capabilities is a nice idea and something a little different in an increasinly tired formula.

However open class selection has no place in CO OP.

Trials are challenging enough when there is a fixed class and players bring rentals or unoptimised cars.

They build a game with increased accessabiliy, a new tourist mode etc. Then.

Make the AI more aggressive in the corners and difficult to beat at every other level
Build short technical tracks with an excessive number of slow technical corners and ‘Custard Pies’ where a doorway or tiny protrusion stops your car dead if you are slighly off line.
Design the seasonals to be as sucky as possible.


The problem is people not realising its UP to X class, that doesnt mean you should take X class though, you can do the trail in the lowest class possible and the AI will match you, think about it, people complaining about the AI being to difficult, yet its the same people that thing giving an UNBEATABLE AI an X class to drive is going to help their cause lol

Thing is the majority of people who see X class just pick one without tuning it and just crash on T1 or take other people on the same team out, i found the easiest and less painful way was to hop on the official forza discord, grab 5 other people, all have a tuned S1 car and we won no issues.

This wasn’t an issue in FH4 since there was no X class in MP, not really sure why they thought it was a good idea to bring it back tbh…

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I agree, however I did about 6 trials on the bounce as they all had 2-3 X class in them and all ended in failure.

So I took an X class, a couple of people dropped out after race 1 and me and another X class player were alternatively second and third, no silly infighting for position so that carried the team.

Different strategies, I would have been happy with an A or S1 lobby, but the mixed lobby matching is a terrible idea.

Managed yesterday on my third run through. Three people turned up in X 999 class cars, and pretty much quit after the first corner, the other player that stayed was in a S2 like I was. I still managed a second and another second in the races that followed, which allowed us to win. Luckily I was able to catch the AI up on the first corner of the second race to cut them off to allow the other player to get into second. Then it was easy street as I just shot past the other player, even though he/she insisted on ramming me on every corner for brakes.

However, I do agree. The open class might seem like fun, but it isn’t. People turn up in cars they cannot handle and it totally ruins the fun of the game to drive against three to four X class unbeatable AI’s that can corner at 300 mph while drinking coffee and watching something on netflix.

I did turn up to the second race which I quit in a S1 900 but, everyone else was in a x class, which makes it even less fun. More thought needs to be put into the trial for sure.

You have to predict that someone will take S2, and so you have to go with S2 yourself. Then even if someone takes X Class the Ai are still beatable. I found the race OK, but it took me 3 attempts. In my other 2 attempts I still came close to passing the Trial as well. You only really need 2 players that are any good to get 1st, and 2nd.

Except I tried 5 times using a B-class car, did my part beating the only B-class AI car every time, yet not even once any other X/S2 driver took a podium place. Sure, I can try my luck a few more times, or I can just find something better to do with my time.

The B class car will have been the last drivertar and so carries a large performance debuff from it’s B class ranking.
In Coop the lead DT’s are somewhere around Highly Skilled - Expert as demonstrated by the time they take for a specific class of car.
Ever notice how 2 AI are always a mile ahead of the other AI pack in the trial.

The 6th place DT is somewhere around Average to Above average so very easy to beat in a like for like car.
Not a fair comparison beating a back marker when other players need to beat the lead AI in a higher class.
The only benefit is the the less capable driver in S2 X class will at least be ahead of your DT and you’re less likely to score zero

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Those are 2 benefits. :slight_smile:

Mixed classes are good.

Using a Senna in S2 was far easier than when it was in X…

There was a B class car in the 3 races that we finally won. B class car did not help us at all. In fact pulling away you had the B class cars in your way… maybe actually that did help? Passing 2 cars right away was quite useful.

This was my favourite one so far.

It was in my top 3…

It was in my top 3 too.

Best way to complete this weeks. We found if you go in with s1 it matches you with other s1 class and A class racers.

We won the first two races easily.

When we searched with s2 and x class we just matched with the same.

Hope this helps those struggling with this weeks.

Best way to complete this weeks. We found if you go in with s1 it matches you with other s1 class and A class racers.

We won the first two races easily.

When we searched with s2 and x class we just matched with the same.

Hope this helps those struggling with this weeks.

For me best way to do it, is stay far, far away from it.
I didn’t complete the trial, didn’t eliminate anyone, didn’t complete arcade and didn’t do the tour, but to get Subby 22B, I only need one more point from dailies, so there you go.
Done and done.

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I feel like I’m having deja vu with this, wasn’t there this exact same issue in FH4 early on when they playlist started, people frustrated with overly difficult trials, I tried this trial once and remembered how much I hated it in FH4 especially with new players and high power cars.

I feel like this is some dev who refuses to admit/or read the criticism and is “yeah people love the idea of S2, X class trials, keep putting it in the festival list” to everyone’s chagrin.