The Trial - A Fine Addition

So, PGG decided this was a great setup. Open racing class, so you get people choosing X and S2 cars that they can’t control, looking like they are having a seizure every time they fail to take a corner. Cars have brakes, you know. Also, if we all choose B, A, or S1, so will the drivatars.

Please stop being idiots. If you can’t control it, don’t drive it.

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I’m with you on this one. I have tried this trial so many times and yet to get a good team to win one race let alone the championship.

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I tried it again this morning. We had one X class, two S2, and myself in an A800 which resulted in one X class, two S2, and three A800 AI.

First race the higher class human drivers took off so I didn’t get to see their racing, but seeing the names of the two S2 drivers drop down to the bottom of the driver list I’m guessing they missed checkpoints. They both left shortly after. I beat the three AI A800 drivers in all three races but the one person left in the X class wasn’t able to place high enough in two races for us to win.

I don’t know why people insist on making life harder for themselves by taking high class cars when A or S1 would be more than enough to win.

I agree. Capped at S2 would be fine by me.

I can understand new players not knowing the AI matches its human counterpart, but I fail to see any logic in okaying an Open Lobby in the first place.

An influx of new drivers’ on unfamiliar tracks and, just for ships ‘n giggles, let’s give them access to the fastest cars in the game. What could possibly go wrong?!

Smacks of apathy and ignorance on behalf of the decision makers, IMO.

FWIW, I’ve attempted the Trial three times this week. First I got disconnected at 1-1. Second, we lost 2-1 but the game gave us the win (another ‘feature’ borrowed from H4). Third I won comfortably in a S2 Huayra because everyone except me got booted during the first lap of the first race :confused:

I won’t be trying a fourth Trial this week.

Fun times!

from my expirience(10 tries), there’s three major types of idiots in this trial
-number 1 are the idiots driving the senna in x class because they got it from playing FH4
-number 2 are idiots driving stock huayra BC after getting from the seasonal championship
-and number 3 are idiots driving A and S classes ferrari 250 gto and these are always the worst since they don’t know why you shouldn’t AWD swap a car without tunning

You forgot number 3. How many of these events seem to be on dirt making them even more impossible to drive. Supercars/hypercars on dirt? What the actual?

If everyone uses the Mclaren Senna using the don joewon song s2 998 tune then it’s easy to beat as long as you don’t get the morons who don’t understand team mate so they take you out so they can gain a position but making the team lose in the end. This should not have X class as an option since the devs think racing is all about turning 90 degree turns every half a second now and positioning checkpoint markers in some of the worst spots possible as well as making the opening smaller now.

forget using sheeple tunes!
i will tune all my own cars and do just fine. it really is not that hard to tune.

i beat this event solo in round 1 and 2 because the other players left when they all bashed each other and they all slammed into the wall!
a good car and a little tuning goes a long way …

most players dont tune their own cars
most players use some sheeple tune that was made for someone elses driving style - i dont drive like you and i dont have the same controller setup as you so, why on earth would i use your tune?

players pick the car they like or have ~ remember the game is new and a lot of players dont have the perfect car geared up for the race
and they make their car an X class for speed not knowing how the AI matchmaking system works

players dont know how to brake for a corner ~ they use the AI or other players to slide off of and slam them into the walls

players are very selfish and want to be in the #1 slot for no real reason in these team events.
i have been in first place and here come some selfish player ramming me in the straights or in a turn when we are beating the AI ~ so, i just stop and let the AI win in all the rounds!

i did try to do some events through the weekend to help other players but, being bashed and rammed into the wall is to much.
im sure in a few months or so these bashing and ramming players will leave and be thinned out and then maybe, we can have some better luck winning with players who want to race!

I’m not so sure about that. They seemed to hangout at H4 for quite some time. About three years’, IIRC.


@LadyLamister: I use Sheeple tunes and I rarely have issues with them…sometimes a tune won’t suit my driving (or should I say my controller configuration) but usually tunes by DJS are good tunes…I do tend to use tunes from 1%ers like Nalak etc. I just can’t get to grips with tuning…my brain just can’t wrap itself around TOE, tyre pressures etc…I tried it years ago playing Gran Turismo 6 but all I managed was taking someone else’s tune and changing things at random!

The trial wasn’t too bad for me this week. Did it first last Thursday…2 X Class and 4 S2…the X Class drivers were decent as was the rest of the team. First race we lost simply because I missed a checkpoint…second race we won and then the game declared us Trial winners without needing the 3rd race!. DId it again yesterday in a convoy of 5…first try we all ran S2 and it went wrong so we changed to S1 cars (the random person joining us was S2) and it was an easy 2-0 win

I’ll let you in on a dirty secret on how you can always win as a team, assuming you alone are a good driver.

Pick an s2 or x car that you drive well and get Infront of all the AI cars. Then start blocking the AI drivers and ramming them into walls while letting your team mates through. It’s very effective.

Another little secret: Get 3 or 4 friends in a convoy, all choose S1 and then relax and enjoy it. Did that the other day and it was much more fun than when we tried S2

Tried that in fh4. Got rammed by the people I helped.

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Tried a few times and didn’t win by top placings but won by score because half the team dropped in the first race, so we naturally lost the first race since the full team were scores for the AI. Won the second and third because players could earn more score than AI could with less players.

I am totally with you. After 4th try with A or S class (while all other players chose X-Class) we gave up and decided to try something else. The only way me and a friend managed to win the Trials was to get decent X-Class cars, get to the first two positions asap and block the drivatars, so the other players could pass us and win the race…

This is not the way racing should be… I hope they will fix the drivatars soon and also change the way of trials car selection.