Trial 04-08-2022-11-08-2022

Which idiot decided the horizon festival circuit was a good idea for an S1 Ferrari race?

We won, thanks to my team mates (those that weren’t treating my car like a crash barrier anyway), but bloody hell that was annoying.

Little tip btw folks, don’t use the F50, it’ a little too big for the 2 circuit races (does fine on the second race (trail), but is woeful on circuit races)

I should’ve phrased it as;

What kind of bloody sadist

Fh4 trials have been tough of late,but way more fun than the broken fh5 borefests :wink:

The A class trials have been a piece of cake, but the S2 class a few weeks ago, not so much (this one however …).

As for FH5, I’ve actually stopped playing it for the most part (aside from the bugs, the fact I have to hope I’ve got the right car with the right class, just to do a seasonal, completely put me off, and that’s before we get to the map - which quite frankly, is rubbish)).

I know they don’t bother reading this (they’ve already been paid, why should they care) but, dear PGG;

S1-X: Belongs on trials not circuits (they’re definitely not well suited to circuits, specifically because of the speed, much less anything else)
D-A: Anything including the above

For the Trial may I recommend the '67 P4 with my tune? 982-795-300.
It has a bit of oversteer which makes it perfect for that first Ambleside circuit.
Try it and see if you change your mind about S1 circuits.

Warmest regards,

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Found this weeks easy enough tbh.Used a 488 Pista myself and with another driver in a #24 we came 1st & 2nd in all 3 races, and with a little help from 2 other drivers managed to drag 2 zero point drivers to a 3-0 win . Was easier than the recent CC trial we had

That developer Championship was harder than the trial for me - not helped by doing it in a Porsche to get the other challenge done. 6 race wins and a 26.2m drive in a Porsche is a bit much for that challenge too

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I actually found the Porsche one trivial to complete (used a Porsche Macan(?)).

Will give it a test, cheers (already completed the trial, but I do like doing them - gives me something to do on the game until the season resets lol, and allows me to help lower level pllayers)

That is an absolutely brilliant tune (just tested it), thank you again

You don’t actually need to win 6 full races for the weekly challenge. Whenever there’s one of those “Win X races of this type” tasks, I guarantee you people have made custom blueprints that are all of 0.1 miles long and just involve driving straight. Not to self-promote, but I’ve been doing the same over the past few months to try and eke out the blueprint Star Card entry.

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Handy tip ,thanks. I usually like doing the races in cars i wouldn’t normally choose myself, just for the variety,but occasionally it feels like a chore.

Thanks for trying it out, glad you liked it!

How’s everyone getting on with this weeks 4 race trial? I lucked out with a decent team on 2nd attempt and we won 3-1 ,but i was fearing the worst with S2 (or is it S1?) Porsches in the wet :slight_smile:
Also,what happens if series finishes 2-2 ?

I think it goes by total points if you tie 2-2. So win big and lose small. Last time we had this we tied and won, but others on the forums said they lost with a tie.
And you can bring whatever PI you want, the AI will match. But S2 is ideal, because if you’re not first you’re last. :slight_smile:
We won all 4 races tonight, but lost 3 rookies along the way. Hope they get better and try again.

Got it done on the first attempt thankfully (used the GT3 PO), was expecting to lose (hate driving Porsche and a few team mates seemed more interested in crashing in to the rest of us annoyingly)