Horizon 5 accessibility vs the Trial

Good evening,
the team & marketing is all about “Horizon 5 is for everyone” and “everyone can play it and have fun”.
Well for the most parts it is.
But lets get straight to the elephant in the room.
The Trial.
I think you have to be a good driver to beat the AI on unbeatable and I also think
the AI is stronger then Horizon 4.
So if you are depended on the help tools the game offers, I really doubt you are that fast
to beat the AI, to win the Trial. They can hope to find strong players that win the challenge
but does that motivate them?
And here is the crucial point.
Yes Trial should be a challenge but why 10 Points?
That is a total of 40 points in a season, where 200 gets you the SVJ and only 266 are to grab in total.
That is crazy and speaking of “bug” treasure hunts you lose more points here and there and in the end
fail on the total score.
So I think.
Don´t lock an exclusive car behind the second milestone
At least drop the point counter from the Trial to 5 or even 3 points.
What do you think?
What does people think who are maybe depended on the extra help tools of the game?


I like “somethong” in the game being a challenge.

I like the trial.

Maybe they should never put an elusive car as its reward so people aren’t missing content if they fail.

I don’t think.every aspect of the game needs to be achievable by all. I will never get the painting accolades. I am ok with that.


Sadly, nope. Being a good driver doesnt guarantee you to win at all in trials. That doesnt matter anymore.
As long as you dont have the perfect car for it (also the AI seems weaker against specific cars despite the tune…), and have tons of luck that the AI dont do many stupid things, you wont win. Wasnt this way in FH4, but in FH5 is just how it is lol.
There is no “AI”. Just a bot that have two programmed actions - ramm and random rocket boosts.


Car choice is really important in The Trial, and putting a decent tune on it. Couple codes for my tunes here:

Volvo V60 - 722574563 or 128826976 (V8 Swap)

I’m sure there will be better tunes out there but both of those have me finishing in the top 2 every time. Also try the Lexus RCF - I saw someone doing very well in that.

In terms of accessibility I’ve been carried a lot in Trials, and have returned the favour and I have carried people. It has taken me sometimes several attempts to get a good group and win it. I have to agree with the poster above me that sometimes a game does need a hard event.

Thanx, harder than rs4 but better, stable 1-2 places in the first two races

Yes agree, trial is way overrated with 10 points. 5 would be more then enough (along with adjusted overall milestones)
Along with bunch of non working challenges and sorry to say … stupid online dailies, it becomes stressful necessary, because its too dependent on mercy of others and crazy drivatars.

Also locking new stuff behind highest mark isn’t cool.

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You could have the choice of an easier trial for less points. So you would click the snake Icon, and then get the choice… but you can’t do both once you get a prize.


Snake Icon ?!?

What do you mean ?

Trial icon on map is Snake icon

By accesibility you mean that trial is overall too hard or that is too hard for someone with disabilities?

It’s too hard for people with and without disabilities. Most people who play Horizon are slow.


Right, if you say so…

What he said.

I call myself not a bad driver actually and some lap times I did in all Forza games underline that.

Still - there are some races where 3 AI players are in front the whole 3 laps and I just can‘t catch them even though I am driving flawless in the race.

Anyway - the things you said here were very valuable.

Its often a matter of the right car and the AI reacts differently to certain cars.

Also tires are more important then ever.

Lets keep that challene but please reduce the points to 5 or even 3.

And yes in my trial races I see a lot of real players in the back achieving nothing.

I usually see about two 0 points in each race, but it has never mattered.

It’s the difference between the lip service they pay to issues, and the reality.

Another thing I noticed about the wonderful accessibility settings this game has had unjustified praise lavished on it for, other than the faint rev counter with its mostly invisible needle, is the setting to disable moving backgrounds which sounds great, except upon enabling the option and loading the game, you get presented with… a moving background. The game you’ve just told to disable this, will sit there playing the moving video, until you click on another button. That’s the difference between the hype and the reality in this game throughout. Everything is over-promised and under-delivered.

But why bother to deliver what you promise, when you can just deliver half-baked dross and still win every award going anyway? I guess that’s the devs’ philosophy anyway.

What do you think about that solution: 2-step Trial
1st step - “Qualifications” - drivatar difficulty: idk, maybe expert? (I don’t want to be to easy) - you play that in solo, participation only to get points for Festival Playlist, but you need to get 1st place to qualify to 2nd step - reward: points for Festival Playlist + superwheelspin
2nd step - “Real Trial” - that would work like it is working now - reward: seasonal reward car (the one that is now obtainable for higher number of points*)

*- Ideally, I would remove that car from points seasonal reward and make it just obtainable (multiple times, maybe with 24h cooldown) by 2nd step Trial, but then offline players would have to buy it in auction house.

How much do people think it relates to builds and tunes?

What about stock cars only? Like cycled production

I actually think.the build and tune makes it easier for me but maybe others see it different.

New exclusive content shouldn’t be locked on higher milestone and online, give everybody a chance, even those who only do solo play.

On tunes, I never went in stock car (luckily I was on vacation, when that stupid stock Caterham trial went on). as keyboard driver I’m useless in stock cars, as its usually RWD. Everything I own I converted to AWD.

Something as simple as ghosting the human players for the Trial would make the task so much easier. The amount of players who forget, or actively disregard, the ‘team’ element is quite something.

With the AI seemingly more A than I in this iteration, the time lost to negotiate and evade some of the reprobates on Team Blue often makes the whole experience a frustrating chore.


I also have a beef with there being multiple PvP related daily and weekly challenges, each worth several points.

As someone who really dislikes PvP and Meta-gaming this is really something that makes me not really want to play this game anymore. I am talking about Playground and Eliminator.

I don’t see myself driving a level 7 car anytime soon when someone manages to get multiple cardrops/upgrades in a row during the first 20 seconds of the match and tags me for elimination race (I’m usually still in the starter car at this point)

In playground games everything is so dependent from the first round result when half of the team ragequits. 5 flag denials, I assume in one match would be pretty much impossible. Being forced to even play playground is a bit tedious because it is complete roll of the dice if anyone is actually taking it seriously or just wants to afk for the rewards regardless of the result.

This part might be off-topic but snowman smashing challenge made me pull my hair out because there is like 5 snowmen on the whole map on the mountains, and they only count like 40% of the time, thanks to the small piles of rubble being pushed in front of the car, forcing me to fast travel to festival and back multiple times.

I absolutely agree with the sentiments about the exclusive content being a real pain for someone who is not literally dedicating their whole life for this game. Sometimes I also feel “Horizon 5 is for everyone” is false advertising.

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You’re not forced to do Playground, or Eliminator. I never play them, I still get all the points for both cars, and the seasonal car.