The Trial

We need to talk about the trial. It sucked on Horizon 4 and its the same on Horizon 5. The Unbeatable AI isn’t even the issue here, it’s a problem with poor teammates who cant actually race so they just ride walls and push their own team off the road usually causing a pileup. It’s extremely frustrating trying to win the event in these conditions. I don’t know what the fix for this should be but something needs to be done.

Unfortunately, with the broken AI, players have to ride the walls and ram AI cars to have any hope of winning Trial events in unbeatable (impossible) mode.

I’m no expert at the game. I race in Automatic, for example. But I was able to win some the races over the 4 or so Trials I did. Sometimes it was a lost cause and one or two would just zip ahead. But a number of times I was able to pass the leading AI on the last lap. It’s definitely not impossible if I can do it.


There’s crazy randomness to it. One time through the Trial, I can easily win races. Next time through, using the same car and tune, I’ll be the fastest human player the entire time and the AI smokes me by 5 to 10 seconds.

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TBF both FH5 Trials wasn’t very… good for new players.
Last week CC where without offroad race tires there was no grip. Now we have modern sports cars(?) A class where only stock A class is BMW i8. Although even stock i8 wasn’t bad.

If you have a problem with teammates ask in “seasonal topic” for help.

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You don’t have to run the trial with the BMW i8. Any modern supercar you can get into A class will work. I’ve been using the Lexus LFA. I’ve seen somebody else using a Porsche.

Yeah, the i8 is terrible. I took the Scud (Ferrari Scuderia) and used some tuning magic to bring it from S1 to A. It absolutely dominated the i8. Even with teammates trying to wall ride off me it was easy to win.

My advice to everyone is to do this with a friend. It’s one less person trying to use you as a brake/wall.

I know that. I was talking about new players. Sorry it wasn’t clear.

You have to be Hall of Fame to do the trial though, so realistically it’s only people with 20+ hours invested in the game.

Agree with the OP. We all make mistakes and bump a teammate, that’s normal (I do it way too often), but the clowns that nudge you out at a checkpoint, or use you as their brakes, or just generally harrass you the entire time need to be addressed. It’s one thing to lose to the AI, but it’s another matter altogether when your own teammates take you down.


Just had this happen, teammate used me as a brake in the first race, second race rammed me off the track at a checkpoint then quit the third race of course after I decided to return the favour.

I8 tuned is quite good. I found the trial easy in it. But other human players not so much. We won but only just.

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@SatNiteEduardo Do you have a share code or name of your tune? Your tunes are great and I’ve followed you on the other Forza games, but haven’t run into any of your tunes yet.

Wow only just saw this. I have not shared it. I will share when I get home.

They need to bring back single player online. This team crap is an abomination.

I think many players don’t realise how The Trial works and how much of a difference subtle moves can make.
The other day I was stuck behind a team mate who was driving defensively while the drivatars in front of him (which up until some point I was definitely going to beat) increased their lead.
The other way around, I have let team mates pass easily and see them rise a few positions after that.
If the whole team knows what the actual goal is (And I am sure we’ve all been in those great races when people do) it is not that difficult to win a Trial.

Maybe we need some general guides for doing trials on this forum (and on every forum possible :smiley: )
Simple things like:

  • The Trial is a group effort. Fighting with your team mates for a better position is absolutely pointless.
  • Try to race cleanly. We all make mistakes, but at least TRY.
  • Acknowledge when a team mate is faster and let them pass you.
  • Give team mates space at check points. A team mate passing a checkpoint is much more important than you beating the team mate
  • A good tactic can be to hang back a bit and ‘guard’ the rear of a pack of teammates, holding off Drivatars. If done well you can create a huge gap between the drivatars and your team mates.
  • If you are in last place, you can earn 600 points for your team by quitting before the finish. Especially when you are in race 2 or 3 and your team would lose anyway, doing this might ensure a win for your team mates while you lose nothing.
  • If you have room to do so, ramming drivatars can actually be quite beneficial to your team. Make sure you don’t ram them into your team mates though.

This. I have “I am on your team” in the Link/Chat and use it all the time. Most of the times to no effect but I try

That couldn’t be more wrong. Crashing into turns, ramming other cars and riding the walls you’re not only slower yourself, you’re messing it up for everyone else.

Don’t do it, don’t be that guy.


Funny enough, I was recording this weeks trial and had a decent one just to find out the video of the second race was corrupted. So went for another run to get a new footage and it was a brilliant race, with great teammate who was not only fast (much faster than I am for example) but also a proper team player. It’s here if anyone’s curious how the trial should be:


Both trials so far have been pretty good, despite the odd car/class combination in this week’s road racing one. I’ve done this one three times using the R8, I8 and Nissan and each time we’ve won 2-0 (random teams each time).

I tend to find you just have to drive conservatively in the trial and assume your teammates will do something stupid. Take a narrow line into early corners as you are less likely to be hit by someone who doesn’t brake, never overtake on the inside of checkpoints and generally I wait for people to run wide before going past them. Following that approach, I always find the trial a nice relaxing experience.

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Maybe I’ve just been lucky so far but the trial hasn’t been as bad as it was in FH4…less wall-riding, barging into me etc…there have still been the odd happening of that but not as bad