A request for Trial participants

Please, please quit driving too fast into the corners and smashing the leading drivers on your team out of checkpoints or off the course. It’s very unsportsmanlike, and it’s counterproductive.


“…The faster I enter corners, the faster I exit them…” - Random Teammate 2022


The faster I can drive the quicker I can get to the next crash - Random Forza Horizon 5 driver 2022


You’d have better luck asking the Sun to stop shining.


Won’t happen, I get taken out or rammed by my own teammates 95% of the time. The 5% are the times I luck out get in front and finish top 3 :rofl:

I’ve been thinking about a solution to this. I know a lot of conversation has gone on about it, and a lot of ideas put forward, but I think I figured it out.

They can lock the AI setting to unbeatable (and highly skilled in the seasonal’s), so how about locking the damage to “simulation” for trial races. Slam into the wall (or team mate) in the first corner at 200mph, and your race is over. Car is damaged, won’t steer or accelerate. When they finally have negative consequences for their bad driving, they will either stop participating, or drive better. If you want to drive into other cars, that’s what the Team King, Flag Rush, and Infected are for. The Trial is a RACE, not a 5km long smash up derby.

Sounds like a simple solution to me. What the heck, do it for ALL online racing. Damage to simulation. Brilliant. Easy for the devs, no extra programming, or rules or anything. It’s already in the game. Just toggle it on.

There are lots of other things to do in the game that involve driving your car into things at high speeds. If that’s your thrill, then go do those things. The races should be free of that stuff.


This would only work if the damage was only applied to the offending players’ cars. If not, then a player who got caught up in the ram, or pushed off into a tree loses all competitiveness because of the actions of someone else. We all know that the collision prevention system doesn’t work 75% of the time and the other 25% it works incorrectly.


It fully ignores the fact that trial is a teamevent and u need your team to win.
And yeah i dont think these people enter trial with “now i’m smashing everyone” in mind its more driving errors
Maybe there is a small portion of player ruining trial for fun or yt clicks but it cant be fixed with simulation on.

Was doing trial yesterday and its summer in the game with c600 in theory some nice slow easy trial.
But most of the people in my team was going offroad in the 90deg turns. Wasn’t ramming was driving error

Why is there always rain? Doesn’t matter what season there is always rain in some events.

Or they can simply fix with some driving license/tutorial at start of game. And it adds more content/progress/fun.
U need clean racing and stuff to unlock higher classes and driving license unlocks online features. Stuff like drive behind car for 30sec and stay above xxx km/h and so on.
Or some testtracks and u have to complete clean to unlock features/car classes.
Multiple classes trial if your license shows C class as highest u can do trials/online in C class with other c class players but lowers reward.
In driv3r (single player game) the tutorial was the hardest part with do 360, handbrake and whatever. In Horizon u can jump in the fastest cars and join multiplayer

Driving error is what I see too.

In this game you(victim) will be the one get rammed to wall and take all the damage.

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Typically these drivers aren’t the fastest, so I have reasonably good luck waiting for them to overcook the first corner and then slip past them. I assume they are 10 years old and go on my way.


Disabling cars sounds like a bad idea to me. People won’t stop the bad driving. It’ll just mean they are guaranteed to finish in the back and cause better drivers to lose even more often.

I was pleased that no one really rammed into the corners. When I saw the first one was Festival Gatecrash, I was mentally ready to be sent spinning way off course at the first hard right. I encountered just a few minor taps during the two races of this week’s Trial but nothing I’d classify as aggressive or unskilled drivers hitting me. We did have a couple finish near the back but only one never scored points. Had four people out of six who played strategically and passed well when I blocked for them and let me pass if I wanted when we were nearing the finish and had a the win locked up. All in all, I’d say it was the best team of random people that I had gotten.

I don’t blame the players personally, I feel that blaming the players is as bad as being a rammer.

Well, im sorry but as long as this badly designed game forces me to participate in a trial when i hate it, ima not going to pay attention anymore to do “clean” races. Its pointless as long as i dont enjoy the race to start with.

I like the idea of a co-op tutorial that people have to pass (not just complete) to do Trial rather than just be on the Hall of Fame board. Anyone can get on the HoF through regular gameplay. Doesn’t mean they understand how to drive, especially driving as a member of a team. Of course that would be a huge investment of dev resources so it would never happen.

People can try to educate on forums, Twitter and YouTube until they are blue in the face, but the vast majority of players don’t see that stuff. And there is so much that goes into doing well in a Trial besides driving basics that it would be a lot for the casual player to take in: finding a good tune, understanding drivatar behavior, impact of weather, impact of terrain (road, dirt, rivers, jumps, grass, dirt, sand), reading the map, not hurting the team, helping the team, knowing the course …

While that’s true the fundamental part isn’t even there for a lot of people, just having that will give a player enough to beat at least 1 drivatar.

But saying that in my 1st attempt yesterday the 1 other teammate who was actually a good driver lost the team the Trial in the 3rd race because they tried slamming into me early on and ended up flying off track + missing a checkpoint + ending up so far behind they had no chance of ever catching up to anyone.

Obviously you can’t put all the blame on them but I did a little maths at the end and it turned out the team would have won the Trial if that driver had just got 500pts like they did comfortably in the first 2 races.

I’d like if they fixed the checkpoint mechanic.

In FH4 as soon as the counter came up you could press Y and be reset.
Often you could still make good points from a restart.

In FH5 if you press Y, you get to rewind very slowly… or you have to wait for the counter to hit zero and still get reset.
These 4-5 seconds extra seconds are a lot in your typical 3 minute race.

The FH5 penalty seems excessively harsh in a team game

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You shouldn’t miss a checkpoint… or whatever you did.

You’re partially right. You shouldn’t but sometimes the Ai or teammates force you out at the checkpoint.

People say that, but has only happened to me twice in 5 years.