Seasonal 'The Trial' Races

I can’t believe I really have to say this… it’s common sense, people!
We are A TEAM for A REASON.
If someone is driving better than you and is about to get ahead, or if someone is ahead and you’re about to pass, DO NOT HIT US. WE DO NOT WANT TO SPIN OUT.
YOU RESPECT ME. I RESPECT YOU. I want to win, not lose because THAT ONE GUY can’t be a team player.
Because if I hit you, or if you hit me, and either of us spin out or miss a checkpoint. WE LOSE POSITION AHEAD OF ENEMY CARS AND THEREFORE POINTS.
STOP. Please. Just don’t hit people on purpose. It’s not a demolition derby and it’s not a multiplayer versus race.
Hit the enemy cars all you want. If you can make THEM spin out or miss a checkpoint without you doing either, great, we gain more positions.
I’m tired of this. If you can’t fulfill my requests, then please just stay out of the seasonal team races. We gotta work together if we want to complete this seasonal objective without having to redo it a thousand times.

Also, please don’t leave a race after the first one or if we lose one race. All we need to do is win more races than the other team and we complete The Trial. It’s not hard.

(PS I did not make an account just to post this. I made this to post about an issue I came across but it seemed to resolve itself.)
Thank you. I just needed to rant a little. That is all.


I’d first of all always look for an innocent explanation, could there have been any other reason for their action? Early on in races, people are often trying to move around other cars, and might collide with another car when it isn’t their intent. Unless someone is skilled enough to be very aware of the cars around them, it’s not a great idea to be highly aggressive towards drivatars, as it can be hard to tell if a car coming from behind is a drivatar or human. Also, the drivatars have superpowers such that it’s very hard to cause them to miss a checkpoint. It’s generally better to get in front of them and drive slowly on the racing line so they slow down behind you, this works especially well on corners.

However, I did once have someone push me outside a checkpoint, and I couldn’t see any explanation other than it being deliberate. We had been close enough together on the track for long enough that there’s no way they could have thought I was a drivatar. So next race I just rammed them into barriers until they quit. Hopefully they weren’t so keen on ramming fellow humans out of checkpoints in future races.


Possibly you just confort them in thinking that it is the way to play FH4, rammed or be rammed. Such case, I slow down to last places, most of the time it is enough to fail challenge, if it is obvious, I record and report.

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I’m sorry if my post doesn’t belong here.
I agree with OP, that some people really don’t want to play as a team, but slowly I’m getting into rutine of staying away of racing with randoms.
I’ll also admit that sometimes I was too aggressive, but never to the point of actually push other people off track.

So here is my problem - I’m getting rammed by AI drivers.
I don’t know if there is some sort of a problem on my side, but seasonal Trials are especially bad, my car gets pushed from track to miss check points or with last Aston trail … my car actually took flight into scenery at almost 90° to the track at 250 kph. That usually happens without even touching the AI, just being alongside them.
Is there anything that I can do?

they usually ram you AFTER you have rammed them first…think about that for a second

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I don’t think the AI actually ram people, as such, in that I don’t think they do that in response to the presence of another car. What they do is learn from how humans drive, so if a human has veered sideways at that point, the drivatars will pick up that same movement, and they’ll do it regardless of whether it results in them hitting another car or not. It’s another good reason for humans to not ram drivatars, as the drivatars will pick up and copy those movements in those places.

Problems with collision effects where you haven’t even touched another car are due to lag, I suspect, so the only thing you can do is try to play with as good a connection as possible. I’m having to play on a worse connection at the moment, and I’ve really noticed the weird behaviour like this in the trial, I think the game code doesn’t handle lag as well as some other games.

IIRC, “Do a barrel roll!” is one of the chat phrases available.

Going with the theme, I propose the following one be added, then: “Hey Einstein, I’m on your side!”


is already I’m on you team quick chat would love a was rammed me out of checkpoint

“please don’t leave a race after the first one or if we lose one race”

no please DO leave if we lose one race
every trial I have done recently we have won the next 2 races after the idiots who bring stock cars or can’t drive have left leaving the 4-5 good drivers left to win easily - AI points only add up if they beat human players - player leaves = no points for AI


Yes, this! I’ve seen people literally parked up half way around the lap on a third race when the series is tied and we’re down by 50 points. Please bail out, especially now the scoring seems to adapt mid-race if someone quits. There’s no penalty to you for doing so.

Just to add a couple of points to the above:

  1. Please do everyone a favour and check to see what sort of racing and what PI you’re in for before joining. You’ll have a much more enjoyable race if the car you’re in is at least vaguely competitive and suited for the task at hand.
  2. Don’t be afraid to build cars to suit your own strengths. There’s nothing wrong with building an overpowered monster to be in the lead by the first corner provided you try and keep an eye out for your teammates coming through in the twisty stuff. Talking of which…
  3. To echo the OP, it’s a team event so help each other out. This doesn’t just go to the ‘win at all costs’ racers either. If you find yourself leading a group of cars that can’t quite stick with you (and you’re pretty sure you’ve got the skill to drive in traffic) think about letting one of yours through and being rear gunner for them. Quoting Star Wars while doing this is optional but encouraged.
  4. Be aware the AI can be a bit… umm… vicious? Yeah, that’s the right word. Give them some space, don’t put yourself in position to be bumped around a checkpoint and maybe hold back a bit before diving into a choke point that’s 99% certain to be a writhing mass of metal by the time you get there.

All that said I’d really encourage people to try the Trial events. It’s a really nice way into the online side, there aren’t too many complete idiots racing and if you’re not habitually racing against ‘Unbeatable’ AI it’ll likely help make you a better FH driver. Plus a decent-ish team can help carry you which makes learning a little easier.


Exactly this. Don’t ram teammates and if you’re terrible leave and come back better prepared. Four people dropped out when I did this weeks trial and it was smooth sailing.

LOL, I try to race cleanly but it depends on others. When somebody starts ramming I ram him out of checkpoint. Funny thing is I can still win without him because ramming is usually for weaker players. So it depends :smiley:

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I expressed my displeasure with this so called team racing a couple of times. The only time I mess with the trial is to get a car I don’t have. We shouldn’t have to deal with morons who don’t get team play. My success should not depend on little Timmy not being able to drive.

I agree with you on this. I dislike having to drive against teammates who have any idea what it means to work together. On a different note unfortunately AI cars don’t have to follow the same rules as we do. I’ve seen AI miss checkpoints and continue to hold their position. I try to avoid all “team” events because of this. Don’t even get me started on the seasonal games. Avoid those too.

I´m digging out this thread, because I feel many player have understood the meaning of “team” . The last races the number of rammers was lower and more teammates were driving better, safer and cleaner.

But there are still players who do not care to choose a properly tuned car. Why does somebody come up with a 630 PI car in the Hot Hatch PI 700 trial ?

So please take the time to tune your car ( and preferrably make a test drive ). It´s not the problem when you´re not the best driver. But you are a problem when you´re not the best driver in a bad car.

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Hear, Hear!!

This!!! I can forgive obvious accidental taps and bumps. It’s when you have “team” mates who blatantly push into you to make you miss checkpoints and the dreaded corner kamakazi idiots that ruin your experience.

It’s a rare thing but so good when you stumble across a team who are simply aiming to race fast, smooth and fairly.

I only race omline to do the weekly challenges and some weeks it’s taking a few attempts to do due to ramming, sitting on the side of track or stock car’s. Why can’t they set grid up to performance index. The only thing I do online with other player’s is forzathon I’ve avoided ranked or team racing due to hearing and seeing way too many wall riders and rammers. If there was options to race with collisions off I’d race alot more…

Since Eliminator is out, I witness much less agressive players on non ranked. Still, that game is not designed to promote clean racing and not promoting clean racing is kind of promoting ramming.

I would chalk a lot of this sort of behavior up to the game utterly failing to communicate how team races work, how to race properly, and how to use appropriate cars for events.

Yeah, some players are just toxic, but with regards to the points above, I haven’t seen anything in-game that actually explains that the trial is a team race, just a small amount of text right at the beginning of the race that’s easy to miss. The vast majority of players don’t use these forums and likely don’t really understand the rules, and could easily assume it’s a competitive race if they haven’t done it before.

For the second point, the game pretty much encourages ramming and terrible driving between the lack of any sort of in-game racing tutorial and the awful drivatars. I’m not saying there should be a full on racing school, but even a couple of races in the required tutorial at the beginning that mention the basics of clean racing would likely go a long ways to improving things (and maybe a new horizon story as well focused on good driving instead of ridiculous stunts, like a race with damage turned on so you want to avoid collisions at all costs).

For the final point, there really needs to be a warning on this event if your car is below the top of the class, and maybe some suggestions to go check out tunes so players will realize that stock probably isn’t a good idea.

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