The Weekly CO-OP Trial has one MASSIVE flaw

People are idiots…

People miss a corner or checkpoint, and they leave the race, im on my 5 th… 7th try now, so far the norm seems to be that my team looses 1-3 players pr race, making it more than difficult to win, this is VERY annoying tbh.
People - you need to finish what you start.

You’ve got that backwards. People leaving means less points for the AI, making it EASIER to win.


So driveatars having 6 cars, you start with 6, 3 of your guys leave, Your chances of winning just increased? im sorry but thats not what im seeing.

You lose that race, but that’s usually in the first race. It dramatically increases your chances for the next 2. Think of it this way, if everyone left except for you, you only have to come in 3rd to win a race (4 drivatars behind you gives you 400 points, 2 ahead of you + win gives them 250)

Not for the race during which they left, but for your opponents to score points, there must be cars to pass on your team. The fewer cars they can pass, the less total points they can score, and the more you control your chances to win.

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I have last night also lots of problem to getting win in this event, few times during last race all other people that was left quit also, so i finnish first game show that team drivatar 0 points and then “team drivatar wins” I think it was 7th try when i was finally able to get win in this trial, never have any trial take that many try’s.

I ended up in a team of 2 last night, against 8 drivatars, after we started 4 v 8 and 2 left. We finished first and second to win 1650 - 0. If we’d still had the two who left, and they’d finished last, the drivatars would have scored 1600 points for beating them, and one of us dropping down to 3rd would have lost us the race.


I have found that the fewer human team members you have, the better chance you have to win. There are 2 reasons for this:

  1. As already discussed, the way the point system works, 2 or 3 human drivers have a much better chance to win if they place high enough (in the top 5).

  2. I have found that human drivers, my own teammates are the worst, cause more problems than the Drivatar’s ever do. Human drivers will do anything and everything to finish first. That includes running their own teammates off the road

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Oh my gosh, yes. A thousand times, this. It’s absolutely mind-boggling how many drivers will ram and slam their own teammates into the shadow realm when you not only hurt your overall chances to win (since you’ve just caused your teammate to lose point in most cases) but don’t even score points for passing your teammates. Every trial championship leaves me wishing I had a third hand just to facepalm the whole time I’m racing.

I’ve found that most of the time, the rammers even hurt their own individual finishing position. The cleaner drivers sail away with an ever increasing lead while the rammers slow each other down from start to finish.

Even with this new development it is not the massive flaw. The massive flaw is that they believe that people can and will cooperate for the overall good and not do what they have done since any multiplayer has been part of forza and that is look out only for themselves and do everything they can for only themselves. That is the massive flaw of the Trial and Team Adventure and will never change.

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The biggest problem with this Co-Op challenge in particular is not people driving like jerks.

The biggest problem is that anyone who participates in this seasonal championship is expected to not only drive fast and drive clean, but they’re also supposed to navigate such unforgiving terrain and to come out on top with multiple instances of straight up RNG to win these races. If I don’t stick the landing after making a jump the size of the Mariana Trench, I fly off the course or I roll over and it’s an automatic 12th place for me, and of course Unbeatable Drivatars never have to worry about that. And our reward is a T-Shirt. That’s it, a T-shirt. I’m expected to have the best tuned car, expected to play nice with my fellow racers, expected to be straight up lucky… and for my trouble I get clothes.

This is the worst Co-Op challenge in the game bar none. I never want to see another one like this ever again.