The Trial - It's About Teamwork

Just a reminder if you ever see me in a Trial. My view on Trials is to win the event as a team and not just be first. I don’t care about a podium finish. I only care about beating the Trial. That being said, if I’m racing with others and someone decides that pushing me around, ramming me, etc just to get ahead of me, KNOW THIS - It’s at this point, I will not quit but rather, purposely drop to last place and do my best to ensure the team does not win. Know that it was your ego/competitiveness that caused the team to lose. You chose to not work together. That does not deserve to be rewarded in my book.

  • EDIT - Before you post a nasty response to this, know that I’ve already changed my mind on the usefulness of this tactic. Feel free to find it in the thread below.

And there you lost it. All of it.

No. At that point it is YOUR ego (nothing competitive about it) that caused the team to lose. Period.

Don’t think you win by lowering yourself to their level or below. You’re not making a point either. They’ll never know, or care. Just race your best, the team and you might still win despite that one idiot. Who gives a fig if they deludedly think they won and are awesome. We all know the truth.

At the very least just quit. I can get that when the annoyance reaches a personal limit. At least then you aren’t actively, pointlessly, adding to the idiocy and losing score for the team. Please do like your title suggests and remember It’s About Teamwork. If you’re not working positively for the team you’re not part of the team.

epilogue : And for what it’s worth, yeah, been there done that, got the " I’m a dunderhead too. " t-shirt. Once.


Oh but I do make a point. As soon as the offending “dunderhead” quits, so do I.

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It’s stuff like this makes me hesitant to try Trial. Besides, I don’t know exactly how I’d help. My tunes are good but my driving is inconsistent.

Practice…keep practicing. Failure in this game is the only way to get better. Try different things when tuning till you get it right for your driving style. Don’t let others stop you from enjoying the game.


Remind me to avoid Trials with you.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t condone ramming, but if you purposely drop to last place to ensure your team doesn’t win just because somebody pushed you a bit to overtake, you’re a complete donkeyhole.

Grow up.


The tunes aren’t the problem, I always test and race a tune before I declare it done and have fiddled with them in the past as needed. I just need to get consistent is all, which just takes a lot of practice. I think the presence of other cars doesn’t help, not in terms of contact but just psyching myself out (I.e. I push harder and get more aggressive when behind well beyond what I should be doing)

People often overthink the Trial, just take care of your side and don’t give teammates any aggro, if everyone on a team does that and has any semblance of ability the Trial is simple.

If you get a nuisance in your team make the choice as soon as you realise it, either quit or stay and stomach it, unfortunately the nature of the Trial means idiots + double/triple 0pt’ers will eventually get their undeserved 10pts anyway, trying to delay that by 10-15 more minutes by tanking your contribution isn’t worth it OP.


Resorts to name calling and then implies I’m the one that needs to grow up. Yeah. Ok. :roll_eyes:

I generally don’t get bothered by a “bit of a push”. I understand that can be part of the game. But I’ll clarify nonetheless since you seem to want to minimize my point in order to justify calling me a donkeyhole. It’s the idiots who just want to place high on the leaderboard at the expense of their team. So if I’m repeatedly pushed and miss a checkpoint and end up dropping down in the leaderboard, then yeah, I’ll just drop to last place since that’s where they seem to want me.

You’re destroying the efforts of the entire rest of the team over one guy. All to feed your ego. That’s incredible petty and immature.

So yes, I said what I said and I stand by it.

Somebody rams you? Yeah, it sucks, but just try and do what you can to get points and get it done. It isn’t worth destroying everyone else’s effort over. You’re just making your own life and everyone else’s harder anyway, since you’ll have to redo the Trial.


Sabotaging the team because of some jerk is more likely to make honest players quit rather than the troll. You think you’re playing a mental game but you’re playing yourself.


good word - nincompoop is another favourite of mine


Absolutely 100% agree. Some players have to be first at all costs, even if they stop the team winning. I don’t agree with coming last on purpose though - just quit the event instead

I can’t speak for the OP, but for me personally, I don’t mind it when people are trying but failing, whether we’re talking about contributing to the trial or avoiding contact.

It’s the people that don’t try that bug me. I’ve been taken out, even quite badly at times, by people who just overcooked a corner or misjudged a line. I’m usually able to move on.

But then there are the people who never bothered to learn what brakes are or who are obviously and egregiously trying to ram everyone. Had one of those who was both in my trial this week. Horrendous driver who wasn’t even trying to get better, just slamming into walls every corner and hoping their meta build would make up for their poor driving. I was driving a Landrover Defender, which was much worse meta-wise than their Scout International, but I was a far superior driver, making for a very weird race. Whenever I would catch up, which was often (I cannot stress how poor a driver they were enough) they would try to ram me, even on a straight. It would have been funny if it weren’t so sad, I’m pretty sure my Defender was about 3 times the weight of that Scout. It was like having a Chihuahua try to murder me.

I’ll gladly help carry those who are trying. I regret helping that person win the trial. I’m not going to throw to try and punish them, but I’m not happy about the fact that they benefit from my success.


I started in FH4 last august because I needed something to do while being a caretaker for two parents. I would spend hours playing…kept failing and then one day some people took mercy and began helping. I just recently got over the psyching myself out thing. A good tip is that first corner. It sets up your whole race. Make sure you can take it…practice it before hand…I run practice runs on rivals beffore any trial if I got time. The rammers and ridiculous AI though lately make this game kind of absurd at times. It’s more like wreckfest at times than a racing game.

Totally agree. When I first started out, I’d purposfully try and stay in the back of the team’s pack and just run interference (as best I could) to keep the AI behind me. This tactic works to a point until you start getting better and then you end up having to pass team mates who haven’t quite got the knack to stay ahead. It would be nice if a lot of new users practiced this tactic as well but I’m not sure many do.

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I don’t know why people want to have a go at a driver who is only doing what is required. The aim is to win and to me that means score a podium and get the points. Deliberately handicapping yourself is not doing yourself as a driver any favours. It has always been made quite clear that players are competing against unbeatable AI, if you give the AI an inch then they will, i assure you, take off into the distance. I have found that if a player gets in the lead then usually the AI drop off and their speed miraculously slows.

If you cannot do normal races on unbeatable and finish consistently in the top 6 then you are always going to struggle in the Trial, regardless of anyone trying to help (and then they themselves handicap the team).

I have seen players drop back (even when we have the points) and try to hold up the AI only for the AI to get around them and we then lose because they drop the points and the AI gain.

You cannot blame a player for driving how they normally do, in fact you should be asking those who entered whether they have the experience to take on Unbeatable AI and if not then why are they handicapping everyone else.

I’m sorry, i just find it stupid to ask skilled, competent and experienced players to dumb down their driving because someone else cannot competently compete against the AI and then get antsy because they don’t.


Why ? Because I’ve seen and also heard the opposite, that those who get ahead of the runaway lead AI end up dragging them and others ahead of the pack along even faster and the team loses. I suspect, and don’t lump any here in the forums with them, that those I’ve seen couldn’t care less about the team scoring and winning in a TEAM competition. They are all about themselves, only, getting 1st place, at any cost, including ramming everyone else and probably using cheats as well.

What I don’t get is some who are aware, pro-team, and obviously very good at the game NOT playing for the betterment of the team in a TEAM competition. Granted, blocking AI is a very different skill from Go-Fast, and not everyone can do it. I’m not great myself and sometimes have an AI I’m slowing overtake me. I can usually overtake them again though. The rare times I’ve been 1st place (and pity the team human that lucked out with me as the best driver lol) I have found the AI seem much more aggressive and faster behind me than when I’m in the middle of the pack (1). I’ll still try to slow the pace as long as I can but after a certain point I have to hope for the best behind me and focus on staying in 1st place to not risk losing points.

Anyway, you be you, it’s all good as long as you’re not actively ruining anyone’s fun or deliberately hurting the team. I can’t fault you much for racing your best time. My only real argument is with the way the AI seem programmed to deal with that, ie, badly.

(1) and maybe that’s just perception, I know (or feel) I drive better chasing the rabbits than being chased :slight_smile:


It’s a race period & the goal is to win. Trying to strategize against the most erratic behaving AI we have encountered to date is nearly impossible, so once the lights go out, I’m going full bore to win the race while trying to avoid other players.
Some of the comments that have been coming through on these threads really has me wondering if some of the “teammates” I encounter in front of me at the start of the race who basically sit there, then decide to go, are purposefully holding back to get behind others. This creates an instant issue, slowing down the players, before we even have a chance to get to the AI.
I have player names turned off & rely on the board to tell me who the next car is in front of me. If I have other teammates around me, I allow them to work their way through, but if they can’t stay in position, I will overtake them & go for the AI. If I’m against AI at that point, I will do what I can when passing them to disrupt their momentum, but the expectation is that the other teammates are charging just as hard to get ahead of any AI they can & do the same.


I hate (well, perhaps that’s a bit strong, but…) the team mates who think the starting grid is a parking lot. I don’t know what is going on with them. Maybe they fell asleep waiting for the game to “find” the trial, “fast travel” other players, etc. etc. etc. :wink: Maybe their controller batteries died and they’re raiding the remote control for more. Maybe, more likely, they know they’re not up to the competition and intend to just sit there the whole race and hope they get a free win, while they’re off doing something else entirely :roll_eyes:

I’ll look at the starting grid and be plotting my way around any team human in front of me in case they are going to just sit there, and be cognizant of any tuned cars behind me that might be making a fast break and pass me. Then it’s avoid the inevitable pile up in the first turn one way or another and start racing. I dunno, usually works for me.