Seasonal 'The Trial' Races

Sorry , can’t agree with you there.
If we are on a 4 race trial like last one … if we go down 1-0 …then we need to win the next 3 races …
The last trial : on race 1 we were so heavily beaten there did not seem much hope of taking the next 3 - a waste of time for me
if my team is populated by bell ends then I will leave


No, you need to win the next 2. The 4th race in a 4 race series never, ever matters.

Would also help if PG stop putting Cross Country in the Trial. This seems to be the hardest one for the majority of players.

I still thought it was easy, although I have had a lot of practice on the game now.

What vehicle did you use and what tune? I seem yo get stuck with the worst team ever assembled.

Urus 19, some 5 stars Trial EZ tune. You could try also the Porche, but it’s more bumpy.
In the end, it’s just pure luck, depends on your team. I always come 1st or 2nd, but that doesn’t help at all if 3 of your team mates are 10/11/12 (and they also don’t quit after the 1st race, some other decent guy quits instead).
Fun !

Usually, you can guess 99% correct if you’re gonna win or not, based on the level of the players in your team. If I see 4-5 without even 1 star… that’s an instant loss.

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First attempt had a bellend who attempted to take out his team mates at every opportunity and pretty much succeeded. Second attempt was plain sailing as we had a few very competent drivers. I used a Jaguar F-Pace and it did the job without any trouble.

Jeep Trackhawk did the job for me. Tried the F-Pace also, but found the Trackhawk slightly better.

For last 2 weeks I was actually surprised that Trial went so smoothly, people were driving good and nobody try to push others out. Also we won the Trial on first try both times.
Both Trials were my least favorite places - street scene, where I did hit few random street cars, but still managing 4th, 2nd and 2x1st, off road started very bad for me coming home 9th in first race (hit the bridge, missed checkpoint, …).
Did better on next 2 races coming home 3rd and 1st and realized my Cherokee tune slides it too much and it doesn’t actually steer :confused:

In any case some of my hope for humanity was restored, as I was able to run races without utter carnage that were few before this. Monthly ranked race also went fine.
Seems luck is on my side atm, hope that stays for a while :slight_smile: