Option to opt out of Drivatars?

If you had the option to either use the drivatar system or opt out and use the AI, would you?

Like we have at the moment, drivertar aggression on or off what about if there was a 3rd option to use AI?

I personally would opt out of Drivatars they for me just don’t seem to work, it’s either chase the rabbit while his buddy’s block and ram you to prevent you catching him or the difficulty is all over the place during the race, I was continually blocked by several drivertars clearly to prevent catching the lead car but when I did finally get through and catch the lead car on the approach to the final bend he suddenly got super grip and speed and left me way behind to take the win.

Now when I turn offline mode on the AI are so balanced and fair and racing starts to become more art again rather then luck.

I wonder how many others would use the option to opt out of Drivatars if it’s was possible to do so without having to use offline mode?

I’ve tried both and it’s a tough call for me but I’d probably choose drivatars.

I like the fact that AI are balanced and fair (as you put it) but at the same time they are so predictable, always using the same racing line and smashing into you just to get on that line no matter what.

I don’t really care about the godlike drivatar, I sometimes finish first, sometimes I don’t but if I have a good fight for 2nd or 3rd it’s all good and imo drivatars provide a cleaner more realistic and unpredictable type of race.

I would agree with you but I just did two identical races with same cars at the Daytona track today

First was Average Drivatar:
1st place time was 1:52
2nd place time was 1:52

Second was using Inexperienced Drivatar
1st place time was 1:52
2nd place time was 1:52

Both were done by my same two friends who DO NOT even have the game. How is that possible?

T10 this is ruining the game for me. I use the wheel and Pro difficulty and it is so horribly imbalanced its not even funny


Totally agree - I’d prefer to have to make several attempts than step back in time to predictable boring AI. In 50 hours racing on Forza 6 I love the unpredictability of each race.

Turn 10 have responded on this issue and confirmed again tonight that they are investigating the issue. They have also confirmed what I’ve suspected and said several times on various drivatar posts that the problem lies in incorrect drivatars being pulled into lower difficulty levels. They have ruled out rubber banding and other oddities :slight_smile:
I’ll persevere as previous Forzas were sterile in comparison :slight_smile:

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^ I agree, offline may be better but if its more predictable then it could get boring after a while with them using the same line as each other etc, as long as I place 3rd its fine. Have had some close races and genuinely had good fun :slight_smile: (playing with limit aggression off too)

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I doubt I’d opt out of Drivatars altogether, but I’d opt out of having my more skilled friends in the game who keep beating me. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I would switch back and forth, I don’t think I could do one all the time

I’d opt for far fewer drivatar threads. Is that an option?


Please! Yes, I’ll have a double… of fewer drivatar threads!

Yes your right I should of added to an existing thread, please move.

at least its noticeable how passionate people are about it.

I do not disagree about passion and peoples feelings/desires or reporting on things…
But there are a bunch of threads tallking about the same thing, with slight variations, plenty of places to add to theads without making new ones.

Fix the game, I should not have to challenge the game on NEW RACER difficulty. Remove the Drivatar system completely. I noticed with 5 I was having quite a lot less fun. Horizon 2 seemed to fix the horribly unbalanced nature of the game. Seems to have went back to horrible with Six. I have no issues leaving this game if they can’t make it fun to play. Nothing like a hard 12 hour day of work then can’t get past 3 cars that seem to be perfect drivers on NEW RACER! Not a great way to get new gamers into Forza.

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