Anyone playing offline to avoid the drivatars?

I’m now playing exclusively on unbeatable to limit the issue. But on some tracks like Bathurst it’s still kind of a mess. The lead drivatar is often faster than the leaderboard time for that track. I’m considering just playing offline because at least I’ll have consistent drivers to race against. M. Rossi anyone?!? Just wondering if anyone has switched to this mode until they hopefully patch this inconsistent AI. And if so, are you finding better, or more enjoyable/consistent racing.

I’m actually not doing it, I’m still in the second serie for the career. But my brother run career offline for the last series just to avoid the unbearable drivatars behaviours and he enjoy the game way more like that. The game is more consistent, no “flying” cars, no suspicious behaviours (brakes slamming when you’re close, wreck moves, …)

Yup playing offline nuff aaid…

Thanks for the feedback guys. next time I fire it up I’ll switch it to offline. Sounds like that’s the way to go till they get this squirrelly behavior figured out

I am, my connection sucks so i have no choice, shoot i was lucky enough to get the updates when they came, Im playing under expert difficulty, and their pretty smart, like taking corners and downshifting NOT showing brake lights, very intelligent competition