Open wheel (Formula 1, Indy, etc.) returning?

I sure hope that we see a return of Formula 1 cars!! The Lotus E21 in Forza 5 was hands down the most fun, most exciting, most exhilarating car to drive!! It would be fantastic to have a couple different F1 cars show up this time, from the same era. Mercedes, McLaren, Ferrari, Lotus, Infiniti Red Bull, these are all manufacturers in the current Formula 1, as well as manufacturers with other cars in this game… it makes sense! Turn 10, PLEASE PLEASE make this happen!

Indy cars as well were fun, but F1 takes the cake!


It’ll be interesting to see if Turn 10 has been able to secure those licenses for Forza Motorsport 6; but, as of right not, not a peep about their existence from what I’ve come across.

I doubt that Turn 10 would remove F1 cars after they made such a big deal about them in FM5.

It’s not a matter of Turn 10 purposefully removing the cars; if licensing agreements do not allow, they do not appear. From my perspective, I’m a bit leery for several reasons: I had expected a least one of the pro open-wheelers (either the Lotus, Indy, or Grand Prix cars) to be a part of the initial release of confirmed vehicles to reaffirm their place in the game … none of them were mentioned. Secondly, when these vehicles showed in Forza Motorsport 5, there was no announcement to detail the stint or involvement of the licensing partnership with the vehicle owners. Thirdly, I think many of us remember the weirdness associated with the stock cars of Forza Motorsport 3 and 4. They came and went; some were even one trick ponies. It was strange.

In dealing with cars which have these sorts of ties to professional racing, whether historic or modern, there just is no telling when they might arrive and for how long they may stay.

Of course, I do hope they return. The E21 in the rain would be a blast.

Not sure what you mean by Lotus v Grand Prix cars. The old Lotus and Brabham are confirmed and it looks like the old Bugatti is in a photo on the main news website here.

Am I misinterpreting your Grand Prix cars comment?

Yup … sorry, I meant to refer specifically to the '70s Grand Prix cars - Hunt’s McLaren and Lauda’s Ferrari.

aah. when I thought through the open wheelers I did not think of them.

We do know some open wheelers are in but as you say we can not be sure whether than means all will be.

One of those juicy tidbits to wait for :wink:

We know for a fact that the two 1967 F1 cars included in FM5 via DLC (the Brabham BT24 and the Lotus Type 49) will be returning, together with pre-war GP cars (like the Maserati 8CTF introduced, again, via DLC). I think it may be safe to assume that at least the Indy Cars will be coming back, especially since the Indy Racing League hasn’t stipulated any exclusive licensing agreement with any developer (and as a matter of fact, no “official” IndyCar game exists), although there’s nothing confirmed on that front, and mine is pure speculation that should be taken with a metric-ton pinch of salt.

As for F1 cars, while I wouldn’t be all that surprised to find a couple (more) 70s - 80s cars in the game, I wouldn’t get my hopes too high. Also, if I recall correctly no game other than the official F1 game can feature different F1 cars from different teams/manufacturers from up to five years prior to date of publication racing together due to licensing limitations. And that Lotus’ interest in licensing the E21 again may be limited - for them (and their current sponsors) it would be far more beneficial for Forza to feature their curent car, the E23 Hybrid.

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You are unlikely to see more than 1 current year F1 car in Forza.

It was reported (not sure if it was confirmed) that the Codemasters F1 licensing agreement gives them exclusive rights to pitting the F1 brands against each other. No other game can have multiple current F1 cars on the track at the same time.

Like I say I do not know if this was confirmed but it was rumoured to have been said by a Codies employee.

Gran Turismo 5 featured both the Ferrari F10 and F2007, which by that time, Codemasters had two F1 games so I’m not sure how accurate that is.

You missed where I said current year.

Not to mention Microsoft sponsors Lotus

I’m curious to see if DTM returns from FM4.

Maybe we Toyota let their old F1 car in the game, just wishful thinking

Id love to see more up to date f1 cars in fm6 liceneces permitting but i dont think it will happen id really like to see more lmp1 cars too like the toyota and maybe when they arrive a porsche lmp1 as part of the dlc pack but thats just my opinion

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I’d love to have all open-wheels from FM5 return in FM6, especially the 2013 Lotus and the Indy cars. More open-wheels would be welcome to, like GP2, GP3, World Series, Formula 3, etc.


If the F1 car isnt going to be in Forza 6 then i will not be buying the game!!

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Just buy the new F1 game then.

I just dont get it why buy forza 6 if you want to play F1 cars?


It’s about the generics. Possibilities. Tracks. Settings for the car. More simulation. More driving pleasure. Safe to say that F1 2015 in comparison to driving thr E21 in FM5 is by far less exciting. The E21 on Road Atlanta for example is very cool, and very fun. The feeling, the control. The engine sound (hybrids don’t sound appealing, in fact, you cant hear them at all).

The chances are the lotus e23 will come into the game and I realy hope it does because the physics in F1 2015 don’t feel right… It’s hard to explain but they feel like there almost hovering, but it could just be these new hybrid cars I’m just not sure so I’d like something to compare it to and Forza would be ideal.