Open Drifting: Similar Setup to Forza Horizon 4's Drift Adventure (B-S2 RWd/AWD Restriction)


I have met alot of competitive drifters over the years. Some come and go, some have stayed, some are debating on leaving. Ranked drifting was important as it gave them a reason to push forward, but most competitive drifters created their own leaderboard to supplement this which is fine. This is not exactly ideal but, I understand their reasons behind this. Competitive players are unable to climb the leaderboards as a patch ruined the way points are obtained. Anyways those are not really issues relevant to this topic.

The issue in which I would like to discuss is the probability for A class lobbies. As I am currently writing this message I have been cycling open drift sessions for 30 minutes straight and only getting A class lobbies. A class lobbies there are really just not that many options in comparison to the S1 class counterpart. As A class you have the Willys Jeep and the Bmw Isetta just completely dominate as its the only thing that can really compete in that class making the lobby stale and not as interesting (Ignoring the occassional Blower, Hoonigan Bel Air, and the Mk2 transit). S1 you have the willys and isetta once again, but this time there are cars that can actually keep up with them. The Volkswagen Beetle, 959 and 959 Rally, FD Supra, Hotwheels Metro and many many more which keep things interesting. Alot of the competitive people I play with or have met are backing away from the franchise as it seems the drifting community is being completely forgotten. The reasons I had mentioned before as well as the extremely tedious cycling of sessions trying to get into an S1. Something interesting needs to happen or I am afraid of what is to come of the drift communities.

So what do we do to keep the drifters entertained? Well looking back at Forza Horizon 4 we had alot of things that are currently missing now. In Drift Adventures we had B-S2 Lobbies also they limited to rwd or awd. We understand that ranked will never come back which is okay, but why get rid of B class and S2 class as well as the rwd awd specifics included within (though the difference is about 2 percent… it would make a ton of people happy). Racing tends to get the extra treatment in this case as they have alot of open spots as well as a custom event where you can choose the lobby. Why doesn’t drifting get the same treatment? I have spoken to others in the past and they were saying that the racing community is larger than that of the drifting community. Which may be true. Yet, this doesn’t explain why there are a ton of half full A class lobbies and completely filled S1 lobbies that are rare due to it being the favorite. If there are only two classes and B and S2 are completely out of discussion why not let us choose between A class or S1 for open drifting like custom events do with racing?

The drift community is dying, and it is dying quickly. It is extremely upsetting as people I have known for 4-5 years are quitting. This is due to a list of several things. The reasons include: No Ranked (Which is understandable as Forza is trying to focus upon turning Horizon into a creative, fun, peaceful place for everyone where Motorsport is the competitive title), Leaderboards completely broken (Hacked leaderboards are already common. Which was stated in the livestreams that it was being looked into. Yet drift leaderboards are in critical condition. Since the point system changed nobody can improve their scores with the addition of the hacked scores mentioned earlier), No AWD/RWD separation (personally I don’t see this as much as an issue though unless your extremely competitive… as mentioned before its only approx 2% of a difference in points, but its commonly asked for), and the abundance of A Class Lobbies causing some extended wait times (My record of cycling was 50 minutes until finally getting an S1 lobby, and at that point it didn’t even feel fun as once those three rounds were over the cycling continued again) Those are all things that I am sure are shared in a voting system somewhere here on the forums. This is what I propose for this system to gain attraction back to the drifting community without implementing Ranked (As I realize the Staff are trying to really push that away)

Please reply if you would like to add your personal feelings or opinions towards this. Respective Criticism is nice, but please do not take this as a shameful discussion to the developers. They are looking at the voting system to see the impact it made upon the community, and I don’t want this conversation to sound rude. I only spoke of what I have commonly noticed over my many many years of playing Forza (Since FM1) as well as the drift communities and the heart felt forums posts here.

So What Am I Voting For?

  • The Return of B-S2 Lobbies Like Forza Horizon 4’s Drift Adventure (B-S2 AWD Restricted/RWD Restricted), or a custom lobby at least… like the racing so the never-ending cycling will end.

Author Notes
Thank you all for reading. Again, I am not lashing out towards the staff by any means but speaking out from the heart. Watching major drift communities disappear/collapse in a matter of less than a week is very sad to me. Cycling sessions for this long can be agonizing and in return can make you feel like that time was wasted. Time that will never be returned, and it has been putting quite a strain on every drifter out there, regardless of skill level.

Extremely well put @Oliver0023

It’s a small change but would be a huge quality of life improvement for players


Definitely agree with this, i usually keep on wasting like half of my day just finding s1 drift matches.


Well written man, the game needs this. There is a community of people trying to keep the game alive and its become a real battle, such a basic thing would be nothing short of game-changing.


I agree maybe this will wake up PG & do something bout it rank would be awesome but we all know that’s deff a lost cause. I truly don’t understand why they atleast couldn’t of kept it like fh4 with the diff lobbies picking between S or A class RWD or AWD cause now with all the same classes join together deff gives others more potential that’s just facts. Nicely done thou bro hopefully if we all come together like this maybe there is hope at the end of the tunnel.


Very well said Oliver. I admittedly came to the drift community quite late (roughly May/June of this year) but I immediately noticed that it’s a group of very talented and skilled players that are extremely passionate about drifting. The whole Open Drift setup can be disheartening to many for a lot of reasons, but the main one is the skill level and vehicle setup. There are highly experienced players in highly tuned AWD cars. There are brand new to the game players that are just starting out. There are the casual drifters who just play a couple of rounds and then move on. There are RWD purists. There are people that play on PC and console and some using a wheel and they can ALL be in the same lobby and it just isn’t a skill based competition.
There is also the factor of the weather when players in the same convoy can experience different weather conditions while in the same lobby, which again, completely detracts from the skill and ability and makes it more about luck, which is less than fair.
When the drift zone scoring system was overhauled many months ago, the leaderboards NEEDED to be reset to zero as it just completely closed off any interest in competing as scores achieved before this point simply cannot be reached any more. I know for a fact that I personally have improved a lot in the past 6 months, but I am so far down the leaderboards, it’s impossible to gauge my actual progress as scores recorded before the patch are 20-25% higher than the current achievable score.
The game should have a reasonably long lifespan, the fact that players are still playing FH4 after 4 years proves the possible longevity and appeal of the game, but there are too many aspects that need to be redressed to keep players interested.
AWD and RWD separation.
Custom Drift.
Drift Rivals.
Eventlab custom track creations including a scoring system.
All these things could make the game interesting, attractive and enticing for thousands of players, if not millions, for a very long time.


Put all the the big problems together
For me
I would also like privat convoys with privat open drift lobbys with a 7min timer like fh4
Maybe some new tracks aswell
Would be some major moves from the devs to keep the game allive


I agree we definitely need to be able to choose if we want to do AWD or RWD and be able to choose what class we drift in. i have tried searching for S1 for an hour straight before and I get is A class. thats the biggest problem to me. another thing is we need more drift tracks online.


At minimum we need separate lobbies. I think everyone who has played these games for awhile knows that scoring is blatantly different for AWD vs RWD drift. I am not one to hate on folks who use AWD, but the clear difference in scoring should be enough for PGG/T10 to have separate Online Drift lobbies.

More tracks would be much appreciated too. They could even run some of the existing tracks in reverse. Or they could consider a blueprint creator contest in the future in which the winning blueprint(s) get added to the Online Drift rotation? I think that would be awesome. Someone made a Tsukuba blueprint and it would be awesome to see something like that added to the rotation!


Also we desperately need increased timers for open drift. it literally isn’t possible to run 2 laps of playa azul if you want to use rwd, so you better hope you don’t make a single mistake. This is in stark contrast to Fh4’s drift adventure where there was a comfortable amount of time to get three laps in, which made for actually fun battles where one player would be at the top, then another, then another, etc.