FH4 - Ranked Drift Adventure is a mess

Hello fellow sliders,

I am fairly certain that I am about to beat a dead horse here but it can’t be stated enough.

The Ranked Drift Adventure system is awful. Firstly, the fact the AWD and downloaded tunes are allowed in “Ranked” is idiotic. No matter what anyone says powersliding an AWD car with a stupid, cheat, just hold the handbrake and slide forever tune is not drifting. Drifting is RWD and managing the throttle, brake, angle etc. ie: Formula Drift the most notable professional drifting competition does not allow AWD… hmmmm I wonder why?

Anyway I’m sure the player base is fairly low which is why it already takes forever to find a match and you see Grandmasters and Tier 17s in the same lobby. Therefore a filter to choose the class and drive type you desire would most likely not be possible. That said it is mildly infuriating to sit waiting in queues for 30-60 minutes waiting for a RWD, S1-S2 lobby. I know that the other legitimate drifters out there will side with me and wish that Ranked was RWD only and you must tune your own car. It makes sense although Forza is a very arcade styled “sim” racer a Ranked mode is still Ranked so it should feel competitive not pitiful that people must rely on cheap tunes and AWD to feel some sense of achievement.

In the end what does my opinion matter? Just my thoughts feel free to comment yours. Happy sliding. :slight_smile:

Couldn’t agree more, these “grandmasters” are nothing but strictly awd s class, lobby dodging, pretend drifters with training wheels abusing the simulation steering setting exploit and think they are actually drifting. Calling themselves grandmasters is the same as someone saying they’re a professional air guitarist. They’re not actually playing a guitar just like these clowns aren’t actually drifting.

Stop hating on AWD it takes alot more skill than your maki g out especially to get at the top tier of points alot more to it than holding in a handbrake, and I’m sure most GMs that are on the game would happily join a RWD session to show you the points you are missing, but as always someone that has a lack of talent that can’t even use sim steering goes into the forums ranting about how superior there drifting style is. Go brush yer teeth

@COUNT GREEN 420 I completely agree