one of the best a-class car for online multiplayer.

Yo folks.

Would like to hear from you guys which car is a good all-round A-class car for online Multiplayer. (i’m not a VIP member)
Honda nsx 2005 is pretty decent if you ask me. Good handling.
Thanks for the replies.

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There isn’t one. You have to tune every car to handle the way you want them to and then use them.

Each track is also different so you also need at least 3 cars, one for circuit racing that’s handling based, one for more speed, and another for full speed.

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I haven’t seen one that stands out, though the speed tunes and handling tunes still work well.

I think having a few different cars with varying capabilities would be best option. High grip to high speed and everything along the spectrum.

Here’s a pro tip.

Play online and see what cars the people are driving that are consistently handing you your butt.

Truth is that there is no “best car”. There never has been or ever will be in Forza. Different setups for different cars on different tracks win races online.

Being a good driver doesn’t hurt either.

Good luck!

The 2000 cobra is pretty dang good for a class imo. I have multiple builds with around 500hp with full weight reduction and the car is very good both in straight lines and around corners

Can’t find a 2000 cobra in my car list. It’s a Ford cobra year 2000?

You can’t buy it from the main “buy car” section of the game. You have to get it from the showcase event in single player, either that or wait for the auction house to be added and buy it from somebody.

The Mustang 2000 is a reward for winning an autocross event in career mode. I have a tune up for the Breakout hopper as well and it does pretty good for a grip tune up. The Ford GT 05 is another awesome car, (also another autocross reward) it’s good for all around fun and it puts down pretty decent times too in the Breakout hopper.

The Breakout hoppers you will find some cars that faster around tracks than others and that’s because there is no restrictions on power and/or tires, just has to be the max PI for that class. The homologated stuff for me in the higher classes is getting ok, and when you have a good, clean crowd it makes for some intense racing.

I prefer to used the 700-800k alfa romeo (the one that is light and looks similar to the GT40) and the BMW M3 for speed courses

Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale
1992 Honda NSX

If those don’t do it for you try the 1999 Mitsubishi Lancer or 2005 Honda NSX.


How do I get that Alfa? Cant find it in Buy Cars section.

My theory has always been, start with the worst cars and build them up. I’m not a fan of using the best cars I’d rather have fun with the worst

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LOL…thanks God for homologation.
pro tip: learn how to drive

Yea I got one! Mercedes Benz racing truck or perhaps one big meaty SUV, because thats the only thing that will bring fear and respect on the battlefield. And I say battlefield because its sure not a racetrack.

If somebody can tune up that truck to do 1:17s around Catalunya National I’ll happily take it to the Hoppers and show that not all trucks are war rigs :wink:

Actually, as silly as it may sound to run heavy vehicles in hoppers, the BMW X6 M is a very viable choice for A class. Won many a rain race in that ol’ beast.

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Sad but true. Open lobbys are no real racing, more like how fast can you get around the next corner before someone uses your car a a braking help.
Hope they add more ghost lobbys soon, seems the only way to do some real races in open lobbys.

Yes its true and Turn10 needs to understand giving people freedom of doing what they want in a multiplayer environment will always turn the worst of people. When I played GT5 back in the day they had penalties in the hoppers which prevented almost anything you see here in Forza. Turn10 have not improved the multiplayer experience since god knows when and its really bugging me off. So the best car in A - class is a 13000lb truck that just can block the entire road and execute people if they dare to pass! Sad but true