Best A Class Car?

It’s been awhile, but I think the Continental Bentley was my A class car of choice in FH1 (Haven’t played it in forever). Is that car in FH2? So far I don’t have any good A class cars for online road trips. What’s your go to A class car that you recommend to buy and upgrade? No DLC ones please for obvious reasons. Unless they just happen to be free.

I’m fond of my Countach. It’s fast as hell, corners like a champ if you know what you’re doing, and sounds great. Not to mention it’s one of the most iconic sports cars of all time!

Also good:

-C7 Corvette

-Lamborghini Jalpa

-Audi TT RS

-Just about any Subaru

-others (do some experimenting. Different strokes, n’est pas?)

Edit: the Porsche DLC has some killer a-class rides.

Ford Bronco :wink:

Only if YOU drive it.

Yes, only with Eduardo at the wheel.

The Macan Turbo is pretty fun in A Class as is any Subaru.

Is the C7 Corvette in A Class?

Aye. Runs similar times to my Countach.

I guess I’ll have to try the countach. I’ve stayed away from Lamborghinis in this game. I used the Jalpa a bit for the one challenge and the Veneno barely but other than that I haven’t really given them much thought.

Corvette C2 or 3 - can’t remember which one lol

I like the C3 in C class. The C2 feels like a “cigarette” boat, I only cruise in it (but oh GOD is that one pretty automobile!).

Theres many great cars if you know how to upgrade them wisely…Ive won in many different types from my 250 GTO to my G65 AMG, Impala SS etc…use trial and error to find a sweet spot for the car or you can use the tuners lounge to find tunes if you like :slight_smile:

I dig the Shelby Daytona for A Class.

I like the Shelby Daytona, it fits well with me. I know how to control it, and it is fast as heck.

It’s hard to determine each pilots best car for him, as every driver has different habits. Some are better with RWD, some are more comfortable with AWD. It depends of the driver.

By the way, the C7 starts at A-Class 797, and I guess there isn’t many upgrades you can install to keep it A, other than new rims. Question to the ones who use the C7: do you install AWD or keep it RWD?

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You can install all the adjustable parts on the C7 and keep it RWD in A class. Put on the 2-way race differential, Race Springs, and Race Anti-Roll Bars and you’re all set to go. I believe you have to keep the rims stock but you can then also add a couple other upgrades such as brakes or the driveline and handling set.

If you put an AWD swap on the car you have to take it into S1 I believe.

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Yea, the Daytona’s a beast. Versatile, too. It makes a mean dragster in A class, I can attest.

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My favs in order are:

1962 Ferrari 250 GTO
1968 Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale
1965 Shelby Daytona Coupe

There are lots of other really great cars at A class too but if I was in a tough group and really wanted to compete I would jump in one of these 3

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I love the bmw 2002 turbo. I have two of these tuned for a class and they are so fun to drive. I have one with race tyres, which u can not put on a lot of cars and keep within a class. This thing grips seriously well and is great for tight circuits. The other had sport tyres and quite a bit more power, not as easy to drive but more acceleration and top speed.

I totally agree with the Countach.

Caterham superlight r500
Speed: 150 mph
Acc: 9.0/10.0
Handling: 7.3/10.0
It starts out as s1 but there are ways to downgrade it a lot. Same with the lotus 2 eleven

The thing about the Shelby Daytona and the Ferrari GTO both…they naturally accelerate well out of corners. With a little parts and tuning, they become not only more than competitive, but a lot of fun to drive.

Shelby Daytona
Dodge Dart
Mitsubishi Evo VI