Offline = really good Drivatars, why is this?

Genuine question, when you put your Xbox into offline mode the Drivatars become balanced and really good racers why is this? It really transforms the game into a serous racer I never knew you could do this , I’m loving these offline Drivatar’s.

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Because Drivatars are programmed to attempt to mimmick their real-life players. They are supposed to drive in a similar fashion to the way they would if being controlled by the actual person.

In Offline mode, you’re racing against just the normal programmed AI, not Drivatars. They’re programmed by T10 the same way any other AI is in other racing games, so they’re more consistent and follow the proper lines and braking points.

My mates Drivatars drive nothing like my mate’s do what with all the blocking and straight line braking, but anyway so offline your actually racing against proper AI’s again only with your buddies name over the car? If that’s true I wish T10 would go this route the AI are really very good offline, makes for some great up close racing

With the greatest respect, you have no idea how your mates drive in their career mode.

And you know this how?
With the greatest respect, you do not know me.

I sit and watch my son playing career most every night so not only do I know exactly how he drives in career mode I also watch how my Drivatar is driving in his career and our Drivatars do not mimic us.

Two of my friends flat share so when visiting a lads night as it were we all see how each other play.
Please in future don’t presume to know me.

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Turn them off (offline mode) and the AI are you race with then are class.

Can someone explain how does this, if at all affect stats, rewards, etc… in FM6? Also, are you signed into LIVE while doing this? Lasty, noobie question… where is this done on the Xbone… I’m still learning the UI…THANKS for this, sounds like my new way of racing.

You turn off the drivatars - make the number of them zero and race the AI and it’s incredibly tight and clean racing and a good time. DRIVATARS STINK!!

this would be good, how do you do this, is there an option in the game?


No, got to Xbox dash > settings > Internet > select offline mode.

Go into your Xbox One settings, then network and there is an option for Offline mode on the left hand side.

And I agree, offline mode is way better for career play then racing against the Drivatars.

I agree that sometime races with online drivatars could be tough (4th 5th having a boost close to race end)
I had to do some races with beginner drivatar (0%) and had to restart some of the races but I have fun/a great time with FM6 anyway

Yes I think I agree with you guys, maybe with a little tweak here and there they could be the future.

I do admit race line riding AI are boring.

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so what happens in offline mode with your times posting to the leaderboards? I’m assuming they do not. Although, now no matter what, you can not post a clean lap in a race, even w/o mods. They is always a tag which indicates dirty lap… even though it may not be. This means now if you want to be in top scres on LB, you have to rerun the same course under rivals.

If you draft or are drafted, it becomes dirty. Which is a good thing, to keep 2 man draft teams from topping the leaderboards