Please let us completely disable the Drivatars

Reality is that they suck. They’re too inconsistent to be enjoyable to play with. Please give us a switch (just like the one to turn off aggression) to disable them, not having to rely to put our Xbox One entirely offline and losing the other online FM6 features.

These Drivatars artificially make the game a random crashfest.
Last week I’ve done my first career races without internet (problems with provider), so with the old AI’s, M.Rossi and so on. And I really enjoyed this game, maybe as much as FM4 (PRO diff, all assists off but autoclutch, gamepad).
Now I’m at Ultimate Motorsport career part, and it’s almost too frustrating. Drivatars being too slow (PRO difficulty), making a wall (at 10mph) at 1st turn, crashing, braking in the middle of a full speed chicane (ending in a brutal crash by me on their back, maybe during a last lap of a LUCKILY clean race), forcing to restart 10, 20, 30 times the race just beacuse they ruin the game (all this playing without rewind, that at this point seems to be necessary to face this faults on their AI).
Sometimes they brake at the apex, sometimes they almost stop before a speed-full turn, sometimes they are 5 seconds slower in just a sector (not cause of failing, just braking too much or when is not needed) and then next sector 10s faster.

I’m really frustrated. I’ve lost the count of how many times I restarted every race, maybe I lost more time restarting than actually racing.
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Greetings from an Italian Forza series lover.

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Also I forgot to say: lapped drivatars act like they’re not. Actually they block you and bash you the same way as if they were battling for 1st position. This is weird, done a race in Lime Rock with LMP1 12 laps, where I lapped maybe half the group, it was like I started again from the back of the grid, lot of bashing and crashing instead of leaving places and trajectories.

At this point, Drivatars are a complete fail and the biggest cons in judging this game playability.

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Play the game whilst signed out from Xbox Live and you’ll get normal AI.

The OP literally mentions this in his first paragraph. Maybe actually read what you’re responding to.

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As much as a lot of the community would love this, I don’t think it’ll happen.

My friend deliberately trained a dummy drivatar to be really bad. Taking corners out of shape, setting terrible lap times and crashing into barriers, just to see how it’d behave on mine and his profile. Needless to say, it consistently gets in the top 3 and more often than not, is the ‘runaway’ drivatar you have to chase down for the whole race. I really don’t understand how these drivatars work.

Today, did a 6/7 lap race (I can’t remember) in the modern GT class at Laguna Seca. One drivatar crashed into the barriers on the first lap and stayed there spinning his rears against the tire wall for the rest of the race.

I hate drivatars but don’t want to play offline. :frowning:

Drivatars can never go away since they existed since Forza 1. But I do wish they had an option to choose between cloud based drivatars and the orignal offline drivatars.

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Ayepocalypse, Prior to Forza 5 Forza games used more standard Ai drivers that basically mimicked racing drivers of various levels of skill. They were converted to “Drivatars” in Forza 5 where instead of driving like racing drivers, they’re now supposedly driving like other players. Only they don’t. That’s because lots of people will race differently against the AI than they do against live opponents. I have also never understood the point of Drivatars replacing the traditional AI since all anyone has to do if they want to race against other players is go into multiplayer and actually race with other players.

I think eventually that the Dev team will realize this and Drivatar AI will be abandoned and we’ll get some really great AI to replace it, Hopefully the AI will then have better spacial awareness so that they aren’t constantly punting us mid-corner, and they at least try to stick to the track and aren’t short cutting in chicanes and such. Exactly when or if that will happen remains a mystery.

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Obviously saying Drivatars I mean the FM5/FM6 feature of the cloud based AI (that was a big step backward in 5 and now the same on 6).

Classic offline AIs are, ok let’s be honest, more static and predictable.
But with the cloud/friend/trained Drivatars, since FM5 considering the start as last/middle of the grid position, they are more like obstacles than OPPONENTS.

It has been said already, but I think that the way they are calculated is based on our races with all the other messing and poorly behaving Drivatars rather than from our clean best laps. This, having them behave so inconsistently, force us to act inconsistently (more in terms of braking times/places), training them more to act like that and the circle goes spinning around.

Really I cannot imagine why the 1st position, always doing fast lap times, suddenly decide to brake STRONG in the middle of a chicane where he could go full gas or at least just release some throttle. And this behavior is happening too often to name it just “some random times”.

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Your request has been granted, please access rivals now for drivatar free racing.