Drivatar improvements needed

Hello, this is not meant as a rant, simply some constructive criticism of the drivatar AI system.

I think we all seem to have similar views that Drivatars need work. They have zero spacial awareness for example, and they drive like suicidal maniacs instead of racing drivers as a result. I don’t mind them behaving like real drivers, just don’t have them behave like other players. If I wanted this sort of driving, I’d play more online.

As mentioned elsewhere, one or two drivers getting a huge lead on the field must be fixed. the lead will naturally be reduced once the other Ai cars stop crashing into each other.

The arcade style “Agression” has got to go. even the most amateur driver would not deliberately sideswipe or rear end another car intentionally.

Inappropriate braking has to be reduced. There is no reason why an AI car would jam on it’s brakes on a long straight.

AI cars should be confined to the racing surface. basically, they have to try running clean laps. I’m seeing them short cutting on tracks like Yas and the final chicane at Spa.


The career mode is just crazy frustrating. Coming from Forza 4, having skipped both Horizon 2 and Forza 5 on the Xbox One, at first I was excited about the drivatar system.
That has changed, dramatically. Even with the aggression limitation on, they just keep bashing you off the track, sideswiping you, slamming you into the barriers and driving into you full throttle at the end of longer stretches of track. It is like driving online with all those frustrated 12 year old (or behaving like it) idiots, only missing the going against traffic part.

It takes away a lot of the fun. I don´t mind fast AI, I don´t mind sporty IA with an occasional nudge, but this really makes no sense at all. Having to start a race 15 - 20 times just to make it through the first corner without critical damage, just because they bash into you even before the corner.
I want to complete the career mode, without assists and with damage and steering on simulation. But I have already just put the game down a couple of times now. My dad, also a Forza veteran, has been at the point of quitting completely over the last couple of days.

So a limit aggression setting, that actually takes away the destruction derby part in career would be very welcome.

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Any word on solving the drivatar disaster?
Starting the race 15 to 20 times just to survive the first corner is crazy and there is no way to limit aggression. The ingame option does not seem to do anything.
A huge part of the fun, for us, is to create cars with a nice tune and drive the career races. The fun in that is completely ruined by the drivatar agression. It has nothing to do with racing, it is like a destruction derby. Driving in the field with damage on is impossible, you will get sideswiped, break-tested and hit from behind until your car breaks. Any light weight car is useless in the game.
The only way is to reduce ai speed to a level where, after 15 restarts, you manage to get away from the pack after the first few corners. Only hoping not to run into the back of the field to lap them, because they will do everything to destroy you.
Come on turn 10, why take the most frustrating part of online racing and introduce it into the career mode. There is a reason why people avoid online, where do we go now? Hotlap only? It should be possible to race the career mode in a decent and clean way.

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limit agression on Drivatars is already in the game

As I mentioned already, twice, that option does not work.
You still get bashed off, sideswiped and rear ended. It is like driving against 23 Pastor Maldonados with roid rage. It has nothing to do with real racing. It is not a touring car nudge once in a while, it is a bloody destruction derby. There are plenty of games out there for people who like it, but it shouldn’t be part of Forza.
The Drivatar system is broken and frustrating, there is no point in tuning cars and trying to get decent laptimes in races, with some nice and clean overtaking. You won’t get the chance wit all the bashing, crashes and other garbage. While writing this, my dad just got hit so hard turing into a corner that the car rolled 3 times. That is with limited aggression enabled.

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The drivatar system works great!

Just jump on line in multiplayer and witness for yourself how new drivers to the game are being developed right before your eyes!