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I was racing in an X class lobby around 9 PM Eastern last night that became very offensive to the point that I muted over half the lobby which was mostly full. When I left the lobby it returned me to it twice so if I wanted to race awhile before going to bed this is where I was destined to be. I’m thankful for the mute function. I accept the fact that there will be discourteous racers in most lobbies, the usual wall riders blah blah blah. We’ve all had our fill of posts posts about them. My concern is that this lobby had a group of verbally offensive, racially abusive, disrespectful punks, for lack of a better term. The other half of the lobby was children and our friends from across the pond. I quit playing Call of Duty because of this same garbage and feel that I shouldn’t have to quit playing Forza also if I don’t want to hear or be called the N… word and many other racial slurs, and I’m a white guy. They also had little children in the back ground. Most of the offenders were lower level racers, so I think they are new to Forza 5, an offensive group that I hope none of you want to see grow in number, I welcome new racers even though they can be challenging at times. I am over the 500 mark and I race almost exclusively on line, so I’ve spent a significant amount of time in lobbies and have never heard this type of abuse. I get it that people get mad at each other and throw F bombs around, but these guys were attacking people because they had an accent, were a different color or south of the border.

I feel Turn 10 has an obligation to monitor the lobbies for racial abuse like this and ban the offenders for life. It should not be the community’s responsibility to report and block this type of abuse as the only remedy.

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Honestly mate; suck it up! Have ever heard of sticks and stones, when people are given a microphone and anonymity they say what they otherwise wouldn’t. All you had to do was mute them, that is the end of it. There are people like this everywhere and what they say in front of their children is none of your business. I don’t get why you feel you need to ban them, freedom of speech doesn’t end where your feelings begin, as long as you can mute them and they didn’t wreck you then I see no problem.

Cheers, Ace


There is a limit to freedom of speech, e…g. inciting terorism is illegal.That being said monitering would be too expensive .turn ten probably ban people with facist tendancy when they come across them,e.g. at special events.

Welcome to life.

All you can do is mute. Better yet you can block them and you should never be matched up with them again.

I don’t see how they could possibly monitor the lobbies without freaking everyone out…I mean, people have barely unpuckered regarding the kinect and its Orwellian potential. That said, I’m sorry your evening was ruined by dbaggers…its lame, unpleasant and generally uncomfortable. But listen, T10 isn’t my mommy, and really…who wants them to be. When faced with a situation like this the answer is simple. Plug in the headset, push mute, turn down the volume, toss the headset on the floor. I do it every night…mostly due to the wife sitting next to me, but sometimes just because I don’t feel like listening to a bunch of pubescent mouth breathers who desperately need to be hung from a locker by their boxers…

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You can also just start up a party chat by yourself, That’s what I do now instead of leaving the headset plugged in because it drains the battery in the controller faster.

good call…hadnt thought of that. I do like to have the mike around to apologize if I get loose from time to time but for the more annoying lobbies this is a great idea. That wire from the headset can get annoying from time to time.

Nice idea, but how could it be possible for Turn 10 - or any other entity - to do so without such behavior being reported?

Regardless of any “freedom of speech” comments (which applies only to legal actions by the government), abuse as you’re describing violates Xbox Live’s Code of Conduct and can / should be reported as instructed here: Xbox Support

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Spicier I have found that if a person gets too bad vocally of driving wise just block them from the recent players and your problem is solved. I realize this does nothing for the others in the lobby’s and also does not help the children hearing this language but then it should be their parents job to monitor this. I think a lot of people have set their privacy to friends only and then they hear non of this either. You will always hear your friends and talk with them but no one else can hear you or you can’t hear anyone but your friends. If you would have blocked one of the verbal a users then when you tried to go back into the X class lobby it should not put you back into the lobby that that person was in. Not sure if this works if only 1 lobby filled though. Hope this helps you. Message me if any other questions and I will try to help. Oh and no I am not a mod just trying to help you out.

Drunkensword, I am not sure why but it makes me feel better when someone says in a message a sorry after a crash or big bump. It reiterates that this was an accident from a normal consiensious driver and not a careless driver or wrecker. It makes all the difference in the world. Also not every bump is needing an apology as this is racing. I will usually finish the race and sent an apology if I hit someone and cause them to loose spots I can’t give back. There are however times when I do bump someone and can’t. Catch their gamer tag hence no apology. Sorry for the thread hijack but wanted to express sorry does work

It has been interesting reading everyones views on my OP. The replies to the post demonstrate how diverse our Forza community is. While I disagree with many of the replies, I respect their right to express their opinion. Freedom of speech is a right granted to us by our forefathers to allow citizens to express their grievances with our leaders without fear of retaliation. It is not a license for citizens to abuse each other. I could post a lengthy diatribe supporting my views in my OP, but I won’t. I will leave you all with a final thought or advice. I am a grandparent and a parent and I have been playing video games since Pong. If I had purchased an E rated game for my young child that did not inform me that on line play could be M, I would be very angry after what I heard last night. Maybe so angry I would I would take legal action. At the very least Turn 10, and the video game industry as a whole, should make it very clear that a minor child playing any video game on line where they could be in an on line lobby with adults could be exposed to mature, if not potentially dangerous or illegal conversations or solicitations.

I remember reading a post a few weeks back that the forums were getting boring.

We members of the xbox live community have the right to report anyone that is being offensive via chat or messaging. The Xbox Live Code of Conduct clearly states profanity is a violation.

Just block one or two folks in the lobby and you will not return to the lobby. It happens all the time. Just mute them and this turns into a non-issue.

I am an older gamer myself and in reality there are more important things to worry about in the world today.

Simply put, there is no such thing as freedom of speech on the internet, or internet service, because there are rules in place that dictate what you can, and cannot say.

If you do get offended, just mute the people bothering you.

When I race online, I go into a party chat by myself and make it require invites to join. I’m too old to be arguing with idiots on the internet.

Then I can just race with the peaceful noise of whatever car I’m driving.

Ppl seem to think “freedom of speech” means “say anything to anyone, it’s cool”.

That isn’t what it means at all.

It means you can speak your mind about the Government and individual politicians, without fear of arrest, censure or reprisal, providing you do not incite violence toward them. This right absolutely DOES end where my feelings begin (within reason).

You DO have the right to free speech. At the same time, I have the right to play Forza online without being called a [Mod edit - WSD, racial slurs**] (yes, I’m Jewish, and dislike these terms*).

*mods: if you feel the need to hide or mask the example epiphets I listed, by all means do so- they’re only there because I HAVE been called them online, and are among the “less offenive” ( :stuck_out_tongue: ) ones.

** Lets not give the children examples of offensive terms, WSD.

I’ve been called all manner of things over the internet, and in real life. I don’t let it get to me. They’re words. Why should I care what someone calls me? They give us mute buttons for a reason, and we’re able to report players for a reason. Why shouldn’t it be our responsibility to report these players? It’s our responsibility as the players to give information to the service provider as to what goes on in the community. Mute, block, and report these players that you find so offensive. Or just deal with it.

Look mate, I am a huge rarity in this world. A conservative Jew, who woulda thought? Now that I know you will get this example. do you think that Judah and the Maccabees cared what anyone might have called them, no, of course not. Please don’t get your jimmies rustled by a ten year old on the internet claiming to be a member of the Aryan Union.

Thank you, someone who actually is not a “PC” wimp.

I’m far from being a “PC” Wimp, but considering it (being highly offensive) was what I got banned from these forums for awhile back, and for a very long time mind you, it taught me that somethings, need not be said in some areas, and that rules are there for a reason. Sometimes it isn’t about being politically correct, it’s about being morally responsible to the kids and other adults around you who might not want to be exposed to certain things.

And considering the Terms of Service, and Code of Conduct is something we all agreed to , not only here on the forums, but there on XBox Live as well, it’s your responsibility to uphold what you agreed to, and to report those who violate said rules. Whatever your personal views, affiliations, ect, there is , like everything else, a time and place for it., the forums, and XBL are not those places.

I for one and am glad to see XBL has gotten more strict over it. As it should. I think that about sums it up.


I’m also a bit of a rarity, I’m a black conservative. It gets to me when people complain about political correctness, and getting offended by people’s word. Just my opinion though.