Not what i thought. :(

Forza Horizon 2 could have been so good if they would have followed the path of fh1! I am very disappointed that the racing in fh2 is mostly just racing through trees and pastures! Where is the street racing? Racing performance exotics through pastures is not my thought of what racing should be! They should have kept the performance cars to the streets and had the off road vehicles to the racing through fields! They have put enough off road vehicles in the game to be able to keep the race cars on the pavement! These are just my thoughts and sad to say that i don’t think this game is for me! I know this will get locked, but i just had to unload. Maybe some of these thoughts will be read by the developers and hopefully fh3 will be more like fh1! Back to fm5 and waiting on fm6! :slight_smile:

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Not all of the races are off-road or mixed road. There’s quite a few tarmac/asphalt races.

lol just after i wrote that i finished the mess i was in with the field races and pulled up to Nice for some actual racing. Guess we gotta take the bad with the good.

Dude, it is very easy to stay away from cross-country races, you just can’t do that all the time at the start because the game wants you to try a variety of vehicles and try each kind in cross-country as well as asphalt.

It is unfortunate that a lot of the players just stick to one car class and force it for the whole game. I found it entertaining to try cult classics for offroading, then trying the saloons for it, and then taking my 330 P4 for it’s turn on the fields as the game suggested I did so. And once I was done that, I just went back to the road races with guard rails and what not. However some people think that they will never change their preference, and don’t follow the game when it tries to get you to try all of these different things. It’s a real darn shame. What I am talking about is the people who force every championship to be hypercars just so they can use their overrated Veyron in every race and then end up repeating the same championships a lot. Horizon 2 is just not the game for that. Those people may as well have stuck with Forza 5.

If you don’t want to have to take your performance Exotic through a field, actually listen to the game when it tries to get you to try something else instead. Just do that one hypercar championship and do the one cross-country race it gives you and then follow the game’s pattern of a ‘new car every championship’ until you reach the finale. I find it so frustrating when people yell at this game for not supporting their playstyle because the game actively tries to get you to try new things for the first 20 or so hours.

Once you get control on where the roadtrip goes after the first Finale, you will then have your say in how much pavement you want to drive on. Stick to Nice, stick to Castilleto for the coastline races, etcetera.

I don’t know if you noticed but every titled circuit race actively avoids offroading.

Trust me, all this is that you are complaining about is the game trying to get you to leave your limits. They made a whole commercial to enforce that statement. And once you leave your limits, and see what each route the game has to offer, then you can decide after the finale what you want to do as the game lets you organize the road-trips.

I haven’t even got to the exotics yet. Even just cars like the bmw z4 going off road isn’t very realistic. I have been choosing my path every time i finish a championship i pick a category. As long as there is a good mix of street races i am happy. I really hate those cross country races as you can already tell. lol

The game just wants you to get familiar with the idea before it gives you the freedom after the finale. The cross-country races may be unnecessarily exaggerated but by no means is it entirely unrealistic. You are driving through flat fields and light woodlands, and people do a lot of that in real life already. Just not with FWD or RWD vehicles. You are still highly capable of losing control in a CC race in FH2.

I see where you are coming from, but you have to accept that. It becomes a lot less forcing in getting you to try races with unfitting vehicles later on.

Cool deal. Thanks for settling me down bud. I was pretty upset there when i started this thread. I have no problems beating the ai on unbeatable on circuit races, but those cross country races really test my patience. :wink:

Its a kinda mixed game with
on road - off road
racing - fun driving
FH2 has it all that’s why I love it!


If you want to complete EVERY championship, you’re going to have to take road cars in the weeds. It’s all in good fun, my advice is to just roll with it.

Once you get used to the off-road they actually become more fun. Especially in something RWD where it just becomes a drift fest.