Different approach to finishing championships.

So I am loving the game but I have one gripe. I remember that in the first Forza Horizon, you basically didn’t have to finish all races to progress to the next championship/tier. For instance if you finished 4 out of 6 races you could skip the last 2 and go on.

I have to say I prefer this system and I think it would work even better in this game because of the large variety of races. I have heard some particular complaints about certain races not being enjoyed by certain people. For instance I find cross country not only to be completely not enjoyable from a racing perspective, for me it also breaks my suspension of disbelief. I don’t mind arcade features for convenience sake in games, but in the real world racing cross country is about as viable as driving over water or trying to fly with your car. For me personally it looks really dumb as I cannot get over the fact it is just completely impossible. That’s just me though.

However, I understand some people are able to suspend their disbelief (or are simply not aware) and really enjoy cross country. Likewise there are people that dislike rain in their races, which I happen to love. To each their own. Not having to finish all races would instantly solve these issues, and make the game more enjoyable for everyone.

It is just weird for a game that gives you so much freedom in choosing what car to drive and whether to upgrade or not that it doesn’t give you the same freedom in what races to race.

As a side-note, I don’t hate the game, I am not saying anyone is wrong for liking cross country and I am not looking to start discourse, I am just suggesting an elegant solution to a problem. One where nobody loses I believe. Perhaps they can be implemented in this game via update, or the next game.

So would anyone else like this? Are their certain events you don’t like? Do you want to express I am wrong and you love cross country? Please share.

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I agree. I hate cross country. I wish the point payout was different so I could skip the CC race and still win the championship.

But you can! Well not exactly skip them… I too hate cross country but usually I do good on street races so I win the championship even with coming in 10th or even last in cross country races (if there is only one CC race in that championship). And if you are not focused on coming in first you can focus more on gathering skill points by destruction/gardening/air etc.

I have grown to have a love-hate relationship with the off-road races. I love them when I have a vehicle designed for off-road racing. I hate them when I have a car not designed for off-road racing.

I can see the argument of not having to do all the races to complete the championship. This is similar to what was done in the original Horizon. However, you would be able to get the achievement of winning all the championships with not having to do every race. I could see that being okay but there would have to be another achievement for winning every race.

I may not be a fan of the off-road races but I’ve learned to live with them. In every game I’ve played, there has been something I didn’t like that other people did. Off-road racing is that item in Horizon 2.

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I totally agree. If there is a FH3, I really hope they go back to the FH1 styled campaign where the wristbands are the key component vs the “road trip”. I think being able to be selective with the races made Horizon… well… Horizon and not Motorsport.
I know it is all about the presentation, because when someone comes up with a sequel you are thinking “how are we going to improve” and “how can we present this to be different, because if it is the same, it won’t sell”. I really hope they go back to Wristbands v “road trip”. It’s more fun, but also if this festival was in real life, it would be more realistic. Also I play on the 360 version (so I can’t comment about cross country as they are not present), where the road trips as omitted, but I heard they are super repetitive & boring after the Finale. If they choose to do something ELSE as a 3rd Horizon (once again for the presentation), I hope it revolves around optional-ism like the first.

Agree!! Why am I racing a Lambo thru fields of grapes??!! What a waste of produce!!! O.K., settle down, it’s just a game. I have learned to own CC races{LB#17 on the crop duster}, but I do yearn for a true off road racing sim. Waiting for FH2 Rally DLC.

I love the CC races when they are appropriate. They offer a unique challenge. But, why does Modern Supercars event lists insist on including them? I can see the Rally, Offroader and SUV groups having them. I think a different career structure would be good for FH3, but I hope they do keep the CC events, but implemented so that the feel more… well, appropriate.

Yes the cross country is fun when you have a choice, but it makes no sense to force you to do off road sections when you don’t have the car for it.

Also, I get tired of road trips getting cut short because someone takes a straight line to the event instead of following the road.

I love the single player but I am struggling to understand what kind of player they are trying to cater to with thus online experience.