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I have had a lot of fun with Horizon 2 in the last couple of weeks. I think I’m about half way to the third championship. So, I have played it a lot. I haven’t played Forza Motorsport much, if at all, during the last two weeks.

Last night, I played Forza Motorsport 3. I playing it because I don’t have all the reward points for it and it is fun. I’d forgotten what it was like to drive on a real track with AIs that weren’t always trying to ram you. It was quite enjoyable.

I enjoy both Forza Horizon and Motorsport. I’ll probably go back to playing Motorsport more but will play Horizon when I just want to have fun without too much thinking. I think I need to balance my time between the two.

I’ll still be out there, just not as often.

Okay. Enjoy.

You don’t need to think a lot on FH2, to be honest. Just try finishing all 168 Championships; one could say you need to be braindead to do them in 1 stint :slight_smile:

But I kinda get what you’re saying; the games are different and have other levels of attraction depending on your mood/preference.

OctagonQontrol, your last sentence states it perfectly. I think I’ve gotten a little burnt out on Horizon 2. Finishing two Horizon 2 championships took a lot of time. I also did all the bucket list. I really enjoyed those. Will I complete all 168 championships? Most likely. I completed the 1000 club challenge in Horizon original. That took about 10 months and over 100 hours of playing. I also bought the VIP membership and Car packs for Horizon 2. When the new cars come out, I’ll be out there driving them. I’m not giving up on the game. It is fun. I’m just remembering I bought other games and they are fun too.

I just remembered, I still need to finish Skyrim.

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Finish Skyrim… I’ve had that game since, well, 2011, and I still haven’t finished it. Put easily 500 hours into it… Reminds me, I gotta play that some more sometime…

Finish Skyrim, LOL

Main quest? 8-10 hrs.

Everyrhing else in that game? The rest of your natural life.

It’s like 2ndLife for Vikings.


I play both, F5 when i have my sensible head on, and FH2 when i have my silly head on HA!


I go back and forth between FM5 and Horizon 2. Horizon is fun but it’s no replacement to the motorsport series nor is it meant to be, I just love racing and car culture in general. I usually try to make time for both games each night.

The drive quality is so different between the two games. I really enjoy the lotus e21 in forza but find most of the cars way too slippery and wobbly with the ffb wheel. However, the cars in h2 are all fun to drive. I guess h2 is better with the thrustmaster overall.

I am always afraid to switch between these games, because my tendencies will carry over. I have no idea how you guys are able to go back and forth! Even the tuning has different impact on the cars.

I haven’t played FM5 in quite a bit, I should actually play a bit to spend creds, try new vehicles, and accrue points, but I’ll probably just cruise and not take it serious until FM6 hype starts.

I find I have an easier time transitioning between the two games since I play both of them most nights.

I switch between Horizon 2 and forza 4, F5 just bores the life out of me plus a hate the light wobbly cars with a passion,

I actually find FM4 to be unplayable now that I’m used to FM5, I can’t even keep the car in control in FM4. I actually preferred FM5 right out of the gate because the handling feels more natural to me even though I’d played FM4 for two years prior.

It’s not the driving or being “limited” to tracks that wears me out on Forza Motorsport - it’s the rather boring presentation. The minute I load up Forza Motorsport I get the same feeling of weariness that I’ve had since FM3. Put in Forza Horizon (either 1 or 2) and I get excited.

My favourite Forza Motorsport was FM2, and I think a large part of that is to do with the music and presentation in that game. From the minute it was in the disc tray FM2 was fun. Every subsequent iteration in the Motorsport franchise has felt - in my opinion - increasingly sterile.

The gameplay has been improved each time, don’t get me wrong! But I just wish they’d inject a bit of the Horizon fun back into Motorsport menus and music.

I’ll be happy if they put some of FH2’s “tracks” into FM5 for those that want to experience some of what FH2 has to offer, circuit-wise.

Let’s be honest, there’s some sweet tight F1-type street races and a few hell’of’a’fun Nürburgring-type tracks to be had from FH2… Perhaps we could have a track that gives us a storm skybox with lightning (because that’s missing in FH2 ;).
As FM5 has set lighting, I could dig it.

I have been playing both today , mostly fh2 tho

I haven’t played FM5 in a while, it’d take me a few laps to take these clown shoes off.

Don’t think I’ll be doing so anytime soon, TBH. Physics aside, the open roads in FH2 feel more alive than FM’s sterile racetracks. I like to put on some music, turn off the drivatwerps and cruise my cars at 60 mph for hours, meanering about with no destination. Find pretty places to park and take piksherz. None of this is possible in FM5 (well, sort of, but it isn’t the same).