I found out the Answer to which I think many of you were wondering, Will there be a FM6 LCE? And Unfortunately the answer is no.

Dan Greenawalt Tweeted me back earlier and stated very clearly that there will NOT be a FM6 LCE.

I really hope this isn’t the end of Forza LCE’s because I’m sure Loads of people loved collecting them (myself included). I love having that steel book case and knowing that I have the best version of that game.
One of the big reasons why I’m surprised there’s no LCE is because its the 10th Anniversary, I was expecting a huge bundle but instead we got the Ultimate Edition. Why cant they just make a Physical Ultimate Edition with like a Gold Colored Steel book. I loved how Horizon LCE included a Ticket and how Forza 5 LCE had those Stickers (I STILL haven’t found a worthy place for them!) This is two years in a row now that there’s no LCE and I really DONT want it to be three, I’m sure many of you agree. Turn 10 / Forza Motorsport if your listening Please Consider LCE’s Again

So what do you guys think…

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Well, at least there’s an answer…

Don’t have to like the answer though.

The forza 6 xbox one is the limited edition imo.

Seems like an odd marketing strategy! Seems like Microsoft wants that money being spent to them on the Xbox one! argh!

I doubt that there will be another LE. If there is another LE, it will never be as good as FM3’s LE.


Well that’s slightly disappointing.

Seems for all intents and purposes the Forza Xbox One is the physical limited edition version of Forza 6. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think the Ultimate Edition really counts as an LCE anyway honestly. You get early access but aside from that it’s just an enlarged season pass that happens to include the VIP pack.

Imagine if they released a physical version of the ultimate edition with early access included… that would be the cruelest joke ever xD

Well that’s rather disappointing. I take it the VIP pack will be a separate day one purchase then sarcastic wooing

welcome to the digital age. My welcome to xbox one was using almost 10 percent off a 1tb first day. If they really want people to start downloading every game, they need to make like a 5 TB xbox. one…

As a day one adopter i have already had to spend out a further hundred quid on a 2TB external hard drive. And lets not mention additional controller, turtle beaches, sound blocks, battery packs etc. then add in my sons fetish for dlc and i reckon, with games purchased thrown in i am around the £2000 spend mark since the xbox one launch.

What amazes me is how T10 seem so off the mark in terms of what their customers want. I have my suspicions they are looking at their market research in a flawed manner, or the research itself is not representing the true picture. Either that or i need to buy back into the Gran Turismo franchise.

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You had to buy those things? I must have gotten off easy because nobody showed up at my door and forced me to buy anything. Heck, I don’t even know what a turtle beach or a sound block is.

to be fair, I can see why you’d be annoyed about buying an extra HDD so early on, 500GB was nowhere near enough at launch. I’ve had my One since last Christmas and it’s 70% full, in contrast my 20GB 360 sufficed for two years from 2008 before the console killed itself, and my 250GB 360 isn’t full either. Sheer size of the games for the One should have seen 1TB minimum at launch.

Sure, if you have a fair number of games and you feel like you need to keep all of them on your hard drive, then you’re probably going to want to get an external drive. But of course you don’t have to, you can keep the 10 or so games you typically play on your hard drive and just download the others as you want them. Do you really play that many games at the same time? If so, that’s your choice, but you’ll need to spend $50 on an external drive.

Point being is you don’t have to. If you want all the bells and whistles then you’ll have to pay for it, but it’s your choice. You aren’t a victim here, nobody is forcing anything on you.

Said hard drive also fills with DLC and apps though. Space on the HDD really shouldn’t have been an issue so short into the consoles life but sadly, it is.

I immediately replied back how disappointing that is to hear, especially for a 10-year anniversary. I would suggest then to allow an ultimate edition “upgrade” for those who are buying the physical copy. I will still wait until before release date, since digital pre-orders aren’t going anywhere.

I can see how the business side will put a positive spin on this on how everyone was “willing” to just go digital instead of pushing/forcing the fan base to this end. (spare me the “it’s optional” non-sense)
If they want to go all digital, then the price they save on cases/booklets, etc. should reflect on the digital price.

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Pretty sure the digital ultimate edition comes at a discount, doesn’t it? Not a huge discount but it is cheaper.

And if it isn’t… what’s the problem? Just buy everything individually. You’ll lose out on early access, sure, but a physical copy would forfeit that bonus anyway.

If it ends up being that way, then I will order the digital version, there is plenty of time before the release date, no reason to pre-order early.
The reason I mention the discount is because that was the premise in the beginning with companies in general trying to point out how going digital would benefit the users.
I suspect Microsoft will introduce a Steam like app once Windows X is released, therefore all digital at some point.

I’d add that I mention things on behalf of those who do not wish to go digital or perhaps can’t (their internet situation?), I pose queries like this on purpose.

Sounds about right.

I think buying everything separate still comes to the same price, though only difference is being able to play a couple days early as you said which to me is a nice extra selling point. The sooner myself and everyone else can play the better :smiley:

Well… Yes and no i if remember correctly.

I paid $79.99 for FM5 LE.

Ultimate for FM6 is charging $20.00 more for car pass, early access, and Fast and Furious car pack with nothing physical to manufacture…

Doesn’t appear to be a win win to me. Feels like a win for Turn10 and Microsoft and and a kick in the butt for loyal consumers of the franchise.

Really not feeling Turn10’s decision on this. All digital fine but, what happened to $79.99 if I am getting nothing to hold in my hand and they saved there. Especially if the Fast and Furious cars in my opinion should be part of the game for free. Yes I do realize they most likely had to acquire the license for the game.