Opinions on how to get the game

Hey Everyone just want to get some opinions. Ok So the ultimate edition for me is 99.99 plus tax. so it comes out to 109.00 But I’m not a true fan of digital. What would you guys do I live right by Delaware.So i can buy my game down there. But I want everything the best edition has. I don’t need the pre order cars. Ive read most of the stuff can be bought separate. So what would you guys do? And maybe even give me a break down for me of everything if i went the disk router. thank you all very much I appericate it.

See the DLC thread stickied at the top of the forum. You could buy the Standard Ten Year Anniversary Edition on disc and then buy the Fast & Furious Car Pack, VIP, and Car Pass as separate DLC at launch, but they’ll likely cost you more that way. The only thing you miss out on with Ultimate is retailer pre-order bonus cars, which are duplicate models to cars available to everyone, but with special liveries applied. It all depends on your valuation of the parts.

Thanks for helping to clear that up.

If you DO go this route and buy the physical disc and want to buy the F&F + VIP + Car Pass separately, what is the time window to be able to buy the extras? Starting Sept 15th and then anytime onward for those who own the game (whether disc or digital)? Or are any of the items “limited time offers”?

Great question!

Does that include the Mazda?

I think given the history of VIP, Car Pass, and packs in previous games that you can be reasonable sure that the VIP, Car Pass and monthly car packs will remain available to purchase for the life of the game. This would allow you to wait and see what’s in the car packs and then decide if you want to purchase them individually or get the Car Pass discount.

FH2 recently had a limited time 2-car pack for Porsches, but that’s outside the usual pattern. There could be something like that with FM6, but the monthly packs should be available without a deadline.

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Great, thank you!

I’m going to hard-headedly pre-order the physical disc, I have a few friends i’ll be visiting with XBOX One’s that i’d love to split-screen 2-player race with that may not be buying FM6… or at least not right away. Plus I just like having the disc for myself and the collection etc.

However, with that said, more questions: how much of the game install data is actually on the physical disc, all of it? Are my friends going to need to connect to the internet to download the whole game, part of the game, or maybe just updates once it installs from the disc? Can I bring the disc to their place and just do 2-player offline split-screen racing?

Sorry for all the questions lol.

Game install should have the majority of the starting car count and all the base tracks. In FH2 they had a bunch of cars as free day one DLC for all so that’s always a possibility.

If you install from the disk then you’ll only need to download patches and new content for the game, the base game will be installed from the disc.

You’ll be able to take your disc to other Xbox Ones and use it, though you’ll need to wait for it to install on their machine.

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Thank you so much!

That was about what I was figuring, makes sense.


I should add though that the way the Xbox One works is that it downloads updates before it installs. So if there have been a lot of updates for the game - which there will be! - the game will take quite a while to download them and install.

Unless you disconnect the XO from the internet before you install of course, in which case it only has the disc to work with and will just get on with it. =)

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Good call!

Thanks for the insight guys. What are you guys going to do about getting the game?

Pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition for the discounted car pass, VIP and F&F Car Pack. Early Access is icing on the cake to me. However, I do wish there was a physical Ultimate Edition as I like to collect physical copies.


I bought £50 microsoft cards for around £40 and bought the game digitally, like i have for every game since the Xbox one launched.

Preordered The ultimate edition.
I have all the limited editions on disc from forza 1, but i think the digital edition is the future not only for the forza franchise.
First i was a litle angry, but now i can’t wait to start downloading the game en play a few days early.

The money was no issue for me, and since the physical disc editions weren’t special I just ordered Ultimate via my console to be done with it in one shot.

There’s no right or wrong way to get the game anyway, that’s for sure.

I bought the digital one because I want to get into the swing of digital versions for stuff. Got way too many old game cases lying around for games I rarely play but really don’t want to get rid of. I feel my internet connection is just about good enough to download it all. =)

I pre-ordered the limited edition console with Forza 6. Only to find out i get to spend the most money, and get the lowest content version of the game. COL (Cries out loud)

Preorded the digital ultimate edition, myself, but that’s really the ideal setup for me. I don’t own any disc games anymore, and would really like to avoid it if possible. The only thing I would consider buying on disc are discounted single player-only games that I will play through and be done with, so I can sell them back later. FM6 is not one of those games for me.

I’m oldschool so i prefer a physical copy and I’ll buy the dlc online