New to the series--quick question

Well, I’ve recently taken the plunge into racing games, specifically FH2 and I love it. Started with The Crew which was alright, but I was itching to trade my PS4 for an Xbox One for some time because I’ve heard Forza is a fantastic game. Did it, and I love FH2. My question is, FM6 is going to be a drastic departure from FH2 isn’t it? I really enjoy the setup of FH2. I don’t mind some track and such but would like more of an “MMO” feel to my game.

Can someone help me understand it a bit more? Again, new to the game and admittedly I’m more of a MotoGP since I race motorcycles. It’s easier to get a steering wheel for an Xbox than a fake bike however.

FH2 and FM6 are completely different games in terms of play style but FH uses lots of stuff from FM.

All FM6 is track based racing and it’s extremely competitive both online and in rivals leaderboards. The core FH features such as detailed cars, car physics (FM is much less forgiving), car tuning, car upgrading, sharing of tunes/paints, and livery editor all come from FM. Really the only difference between the two is the style of play (track based/more serious vs open world/casual), FM graphics are superior, FH has easier physics, and FH has a far superior soundtrack (no stations in FM).

FM has tried to make the transition easier for players unaccustomed to this style of racer but you’ll be in for growing pains when racing online. You’ll come across people you swear are cheating because they are stupid fast.

I actually passionately hate FH2’s soundtrack. People that like that music seem to just assume seven billion other people must also like it… but they don’t. I don’t care for dubstep, electrofunk, technojazz, or whatever that noise was.


Umm no that’s not what I’m saying or blindly assuming. I don’t like most of that kinda music but it’s better than the boring music FM plays. It really doesn’t take much for any game soundtrack to be better than FM. FM is just beyond horrible. It does a great job of taking out the excitement of wanting to race.

Agreed!! FM (FM5) music is far some of the worst music i’ve heard in a racing game doesnt even match the genre.

Like RPM Swerve says, Forza Horizon and Forza Motorsport are both completely different games.

Forza Horizon is more of taking your favorite cars out in the street to cause havoc and having fun. The physics are easy and the tuning is allright, but it isn’t as deep as in Motorsport. It’s aimed for casual drivers.

Forza Motorsport is a track racer, you race in the world’s most awesome race tracks. Not only it has road cars like in Horizon, Motorsport has race cars that are designed to compete in the track. It can be played both casual and hardcore.

As for online goes, you may or may not encouter people crashing on purpose, cheating, cutting corners or having a typical fast car.

Thanks for the information. I figured that would be the case, I’m still pretty excited for it. I’ll be grabbing the Logitech G920 wheel when it’s available in October, shame it’s not available yet. Not sure why it’s so far behind the PS4’s G29. Would settle for a G27 but the things you have to do to make it almost “work” seem a bit unreasonable.

Any words of advice for getting in and situated from FH2?

Keep racing. Practice makes perfect. From learning the tracks to input control. Just keep at it.

As the others have said, they’re fairly different. I think I heard that for FH2, they added 1.5x grip from FM5 so it’s definitely noticeable.

As far as being ready for FM6, the best way to do that is play FM5 because they’re going to feel somewhat similar. Other than that, if you put the time into FM6 then you’ll be fine :). Checking out some open source tunes or twitch streams to get a feel of what differences there are between FM/FH might help also.

Going back from FH2 to FM5 you start to realize just how different the games are in terms of physics.
FH2 feels like FM4, while 5 is on a whole different level. The learning curve between 4 and 5 was steep. Getting the car around the track was ok, but when you started to lose control you realize just how different they are. Reining in an out of control car in 5 is a whole different song and dance compared to FH2.

Since 6 will be your first FM game, don’t be too discouraged when you find yourself spinning off the track for the first few weeks.
This is of course assuming you just go ball out and run no assists like me.

From 4 to 5 was steep? I don’t see it, so many of the driving techniques are similar. Each driver is different, but I don’t see you couldn’t put clean laps together quickly from one to the other.

Here is my advice going in to FM6. Turn on manual, turn on ABS, turn off Stability control, and turn off Traction control (except the fastest cars) to start. Only use braking line if necessary. This will give you the necessary help you need, but also allow you to jump to lower assists (ABS and braking line) when you are comfortable. Less assists is generally faster in Forza Motorsport. You want your end goal to be everything off except TCS in some cases.

Don’t worry about tuning your car right away if you don’t understand it. Just upgrade whatever is weak on the car, and learn the tracks, braking points, turn in points, etc.

I hope this helps and you enjoy it!

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As others have said, the two share the franchise name and its core concepts, but they are really very different games.

Forza - Italian word meaning “force”. The title Forza Motorsport is a mangled English-Italian hybrid that loosely means “forceful (agressive) racing”

Forza started out as a direct competitor to PlayStation’s exclusive Gran Turismo racing series. Despite what anyone here tells you, Forza is Halo for gearheads. It’s an Xbox-exclusive game meant to move Xbox units by pulling people away from other racing games. In that regard, Motorsport focuses on cars and racing in a somewhat realistic fashion. Over the years, Forza has pushed for more real-world tracks and physics (though the physics are heavily debated), and as you can see from the newest installment, Turn 10 actively works with auto manufacturers to bring real world cars and parts into the game. Throughout the series’ history, it has focused on various aspects of the real automotive industry and racing culture.

Forza Motorsport - “Real-life racing simulation with arcade controls”

Motorsport presents some unique challenges in choosing a car, tuning it, and of course, racing it. You will face cars with vastly better or worse performance than your own. Events will limit certain aspects of your car, such as the drivetrain, engine placement, manufacturer, and many other factors. Events will explore a plethora of racing types: point-to-point, hot laps, circuit races, endurance races, multi-class, track days, etc. In this way, Motorsport focuses on the cars as a tool, and how you use them to achieve victory in a race.

That’s not to say Motorsport is completely devoid of fantasy and fun. Many installments in the series have featured fantasy tracks (FM6 has I believe 3 or 4), as well as “playground games” and other multiplayer modes that would never be done in a real car. However, on the whole, Motorsport is concerned with realistic(ish) races and cars.

Horzion - “Let’s get some cool cars and do whatever we want!”

Horizon is Turn10’s attempt to map the simulation-based aspects of Forza into a fantasy setting. Horizon basically dangles the carrot of Motorsport in front of you, but it removes most of the limitations of Motorsport and drastically shifts the focus of the game. You will never face cars that are vastly different performance from your own. The events limit the type of car, but don’t really limit things like drivetrain, engine placement, etc. There are very few race types in Horizon: Point-to-point, street race, cross country (off-road), and circuit. Horizon is not about cars as a tool, Horizon is about cars as a social network.

Horizon has car meets, drop-in/drop-out online play, online road trips. Horizon’s focus is about showing and sharing your car, joining up with others, and having a good time racing in whatever fashion you feel like.

Just my 2 cents from someone who has been playing Forza for a long time, get it and just have fun. You’ll learn the difference between the games and it won’t be too tough. There are a lot of tracks in FM6 and while it isn’t open world, it will be a ton of fun learning how to go around a different track as fast as possible. Have fun and enjoy the series!

learn the tracks like the back of your hand. use rivals so you can run unlimited laps. there are 2 different ways to get to the same goal. one is to turn every assist on and run laps until you can consistantly run within a 1/4 second getting clean laps. then turn off an assist and run until you have consistent clean laps again. then turn off another assist. the other way is to turn off all assists and start very slow, then speed up so each lap is slightly faster, maybe 1 mph faster. you’ll be thinking its impossible to get times almost as fast as the leaderboards but as you subconscious picks it up it becomes easier not harder. stay relaxed, relaxed is much faster than stressed. stressed leads to pushing it too much and having to recover which loses time. get good tunes for your cars. there is no best tune or car, they have different strengths and different tracks need different things. that horizon thing where you could come in last but slide around and still be declared the winner is not going to happen in motorspots. last place will be last place. in motorsports losing with style is still losing not winning.

you’ll get grief for being a noob, using leaderboard cars, etc…dont let it get to you. you’ll get blamed for every wreck whether your fault or not. ignore it unless it really is your fault. its not uncommon for the person in last place to be giving driving advice to the people lapping them. dont play without the headset or use kinnect as you mic. everyone in your house will be able to hear everyone in game which can get very crude and offensive. and everyone in game will be able to hear everyone in you house. your wife probably doesn’t really want all of us to know how her period is going, and honestly we dont want to know either.

give your self time. yes most of us were just as bad when we 1st started. getting fast gets easier not harder. eventually it will click, your subconscious will take over, not only will you be going thru the corner on the fastest line, you’ll be comming out of the corner on a line to set you up for the next corner. you’ll be driving corners ahead. their wont be any “oopses” because there wont be any surprises, you’ll know whats going to happen before it happens. not only will the “impossible” become possible, it’ll become easy. your biggest problem wont be that you aren’t driving hard enough, but that you are driving too hard and over driving. relax and let the car run.

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Easy to read, nicely put, and very helpful.

you will like racing with a wheel, any wheel is better than no wheel. but with wheels, brakes and shifters there is more stuff to not work, I added a shifter and pedals and pre ordered f6 but the shifter is not working for some reason. in the troubleshooting process, but something will likely have to be shipped back for repair. I was hoping to get in some practice time with the shifter and clutch before 6 comes out, but its obvious now that I wasted my money to get the game early. Pretty disappointed at the moment but after all is working correctly I will enjoy it I am sure. But I think I will stick to my plan of practicing with the shifter and clutch before I fire up f6.

Hi I saw cerrax comments and really dislike few points he used. First he implies that Forza is a proselitis if any of the other games on every single platforms don’t do that. Gran turismo. Driveclub. And every exclusive game.but the way he talked sounds like the game is focused on only the proselitis aspect of bringing people from other platforms to xbox, really sounds like a ps fanboy on a xbox treat .and second he needs to get his facts together. horizon is playground baby they used turn 10 help but is done by PLAYGROUND. But a mix of real facts and wherever he add can get people the wrong picture of FM and FH…

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Not really sure what you are trying to say here, but I’m not knocking Forza. I own FM3, FM4, FH2 and I pre-ordered FM6 Ultimate. But as a console-exclusive, Microsoft-owned franchise, it’s important to note that Forza will, first and foremost, service the needs of the Xbox platform. Half of the reason Drivatars exist is because Microsoft wanted to show off their cloud, which Forza 5 and Horizon 2 both use to store the Drivatar data and calculations.

Playground Games was the developer, true. However, Turn 10 published it, Turn 10 created the ForzaTech engine, and Turn 10 owns the rights to the Forza brand. Playground Games does not get the final say on what will and won’t be in the game, Turn 10 does. It is a Turn 10 game.

I’m sorry if I offended anyone with that post but I was just trying to give my view of the differences between FM and FH. I didn’t mean to favor one over the other or devalue them. They are both excellent racing games in their own right, but they are MASSIVELY different. I myself prefer Forza Motorsport, but I have just as much fun with Horizon.


drivatars were in fm1, back before there was a cloud. some drivatars come on the disk, no cloud or internet needed. if you think drivatars show off teh power of the cloud then you vastly over rate drivatars or vastly underrate and misunderstand the cloud. the cloud lets you use your device as just an interface so the you can have super computer results useing the cloud as your computer, it lets you have a powerful desk top in the palm of your hand on a cell phone.

turn ten does not own forza, microsoft does. microsoft also owns turn ten. turn ten does not get to decide what goes in teh game, what info can be released and when. all those decesions are made by microsoft marketing. thats why you get the same cookie cutter responses in every interview. microsoft, not turn ten, are the ones that have people sign the nda. and microsoft even has dan under an nda. look at the bottom of the main page. look at the bottom of this page. “©2015 Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved.” turn ten in no way controls playground games. playground answers to microsoft, not to turn ten. if turn ten were to go on strike playground would replace turn ten, not be bringing them coffee and soup in the picket line. fm7 would be a playground game.